Best pitch decks we came across

Pitch deck (Slide deck) is usually the first thing you will use when interacting with a potential investor and it can definitely be viewed as one of your most important tools at a startup stage. A good pitch deck clearly defines a problem, solution and a market. A good pitch deck answers what you are the team to solve this problem.
Good pitch deck is not a slide after slide about your technology. Good pitch deck is art as much as it is science.

We recently asked ourselves at Volta what are some of the best pitch decks we have seen over the last few years. These are our top 5:

1.) Everest

2.), 5 months before the launch deck

3.) Piccsy’s interactive deck

4.) TouristEye, customizing tourist experience

5.) AirBnB, One of the early decks (Pre explosive growth)


What is your favourite pitch deck?

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