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Twenty-nine companies have been selected for the latest cohort of the Canadian Digital Media Network’s Soft Landing program.

Given the abundance of high-quality applications it received for the spring cohort, the Soft Landing program team decided to support as many applicants as possible. “When we see that many interested companies that have strong applications, we do what we can to allocate the funds to support the program,” said Lisa Cashmore, Soft Landing Program Manager.

The spring cohort brings diversity, representing six Canadian provinces, and a variety of companies and sectors, from hardware to traditional digital media, and health to education technology industries.

This is also the first time a company in the program will land in Scotland.

“We’ve already sent companies to 25 different countries, so it’s not often that we receive requests for somewhere we haven’t sent someone before,” Cashmore said. “It’s nice that in this cohort, we are able to add one new country to the list.”

The Soft Landing program helps mature startups and small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) expand their markets or offices internationally for up to three months. Accepted companies receive up to $4,000 to cover transportation and accommodation.

The spring 2015 companies are:

LeadSift Inc.
Landing: U.S. (San Francisco, New York City)

LeadSift’s technology helps companies sift through social data to better identify and engage with target customers.

From Volta Labs:

Zora Inc.
Landing: U.S. (Las Vegas)

By using unstructured data mining and big-data analysis, Zora helps insurance and gaming companies identify fraud-linked, suspicious activity faster and cheaper than traditional methods.
Landing: U.S. (New York City) is an online marketplace that connects businesses with voiceover talent.

Link2Feed Inc.
Landing: United Kingdom (London)

Link2Feed’s secure, online software is a tool that helps food banks manage client intake and cases, and keep track of intake, meal plans and impact.

Limelight Platform Inc.
Landing: U.S. (San Francisco)

Limelight Platform is a tool that can be used to plan, manage, engage, and measure the lifecycle of marketing campaigns.

District M Inc.
Landing: U.S. (New York City, San Francisco)

District M specializes in digital technology for campaign management. The platform’s tools allow clients to reach diverse and specific audiences.

From Communitech:

Landing: U.S. (Seattle)

Bridgit’s cloud-based construction software helps owners, architects, subcontractors and engineers collaborate and manage projects.
Landing: U.S. (New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Austin) is a suite tool for K-12 teachers consisting of three platforms that make lesson planning, grading and collaboration easier for teachers.

Katlyn Vehicle Management Systems
Landing: China (Hong Kong)

Katlyn is an engineering and software company that specializes in developing Airport IT systems. Its software products enable operators to better manage and collect data about their vehicles, such as flight information, conditions and work-order tracking.

Landing: U.S. (Las Vegas), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

MappedIn is an indoor mapping and navigation platform that operates through kiosks and an interactive app. Its tools engage visitors seeking information about a location, and MappedIn analytics provide insight into visitor behaviour.

Tulip Retail
Landing: U.S. (New York City)

Tulip Retail works with retailers to create a combined online, mobile and in-store experience for customers.

Landing: China (Shenzhen)

Voltera printers enable circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating traditional fabrication and development processes.

From Digital Media Zone:

Landing: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait

Akindi’s web-based system automates the creation and grading of multiple-choice assessments for K-12, college and university instructors.

The Sampler App
Landing: U.S. (New York City)

The Sampler App helps companies use their Facebook fans as brand ambassadors to reach target audiences. Fans can send recommendations, product samples or gift cards to their friends via Facebook. Companies receive measurable data from those interactions.

From Innovacorp:

InNetwork Inc.
Landing: U.S. (New York City)

The InNetwork Influence Marketplace connects companies with trusted social media influencers that can deliver brand messages to a defined target audience. The platform can also be used to create campaigns, and track impressions, shares and conversations.

QRA Consulting
Landing: U.S. (Arlington, VA)

QRA builds analytics tools that verify and validate the design of safety-critical, cyber-physical systems.

From MaRs Discovery District:

Landing: United Kingdom (London)

ExpertFile’s content marketing platform can be used to publish, promote and measure content to engage with media, organizers and business prospects.

MEMOTEXT Corporation
Landing: U.S. (Philadelphia, Long Beach)

MEMOTEXT provides personalized digital health information and motivation methods to help patients change their behaviours.

Landing: U.S. (San Francisco)

PUSH creates innovative products and weight training technology solutions for athletes. Its products track performance, give feedback and recommend adjustments.

QoC Health
Landing: United Kingdom (London), Scotland

QoC Health Cloud Connect platform is a health-care tool that stores patient medical records. This reduces costs for health-care providers and enables sharing between institutions and clinicians.

r/ally Inc.
Landing: U.S. (San Francisco)

r/ally created a search engine for human capital that discovers information about employees’ skills and knowledge. It highlights a company’s skills base, helping retain the best talent and fill spots where skills gaps are present.

Shift Health
Landing: U.S. (San Francisco)

Shift Health’s TickiT delivers interactive surveys about patient history, gives feedback to the patient and clinician based on inputted information, and stores patient information in a secure network.

From Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre:

Digital Grounds
Landing: U.S. (Seattle)

Digital Grounds builds health-care information technology products and services to improve daily business operations.

FromStartup Edmonton:

Localize Services Ltd.
Landing: U.S. (Boston)

Localize uses QR codes and an app to help users determine how local a product is by giving them specific information about where and how a food was made, its ingredients and who made the product.

From Stratford Accelerator Centre:

Conceptual Pathways Ltd.
Landing: Italy (Tuscany)

Conceptual Pathways Ltd. are the creators of Vinesource, a cloud-based program that is an anti-counterfeiting Internet of Things (IoT) for the wine industry. It ensures wine authentication and traceability.

From TRTech – Calgary:

Gemini Performance Solutions Inc.
Landing: United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Qatar

Gemini specializes in eLearning software and online courses, and delivers a flexible, functional and affordable platform.

From TRTech – Winnipeg:
Landing: U.S. (Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles) is an online marketplace for used and new cars.

From ventureLAB:

Feast Interactive
Landing: U.S. (Boston, San Francisco)

Feast Interactive is an advertising agency that specializes in social marketing, media planning and buying, metrics and reporting, and influencer marketing.

From Wavefront:

MetaOptima Technology Inc.
Landing: Germany (Munich), United Kingdom

MetaOptima’s MoleScope tool helps people self-examine, track and monitor moles over time to help customers discover early signs of skin cancer.


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