Volunteer Opportunities at Startup Empire

Volta is looking for volunteers to help with the Startup Empire Conference on Tuesday September 23, 2014 between 7 am… read more

Google Accepts Fundmetric into Google for Entrepreneurs Tenancy

HALIFAX, NS- -Fundmetric announced today that they have been selected as one of one of five companies across Canada to… read more

Halifax DemoCamp is coming back on September 24th, 2014

Halifax, NS – August 26, 2014 – DemoCamp Halifax, an event designed to showcase the products of the most innovative… read more

Pitch Competition #5

The 5th Pitch Competition happened at Volta on Friday June 13th.  This was a great event where 8 individuals gave… read more

The Mentorship Program

Mentoring is a professional activity, a trusted relationship, a meaningful commitment. Volta organized a group of experienced mentors with diverse backgrounds… read more

Startup Empire Mentors and Speakers Commit to spend time with participating companies

September 23rd Halifax, NS – Volta, a Halifax startup house, announced today that the mentors and speakers have committed to… read more

Introducing the Bureau…

The chances of your startup failing are really high. Most startups think failure is something that happens to others, but… read more

We’ve all been waiting for it… Startupcareers.ca is finally here!

Startup Careers is finally here! This is something we've promised everyone in the Atlantic Startup community and we are happy to… read more

Volta Labs and Launch36 Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2014 Cohort Program

Halifax, NS – August 5, 14–Launch36, a startup accelerator, working in conjunction with Volta Labs, a startup house on Spring… read more