Here at Volta, we know a thing or two about moving offices. In 2015, we moved from the old Volta on Spring Garden road to Volta 2.0 in the Maritime Centre – and this past week, we moved to our new 60,000 square foot home (a.k.a. Volta 3.0). While our first move was only down the street and our most recent move was merely a few floors downstairs, we understand how much effort and time it takes to coordinate and complete an office move.

As an entrepreneur, you may face the task of moving offices at some point during your business’s life. From hiring movers and collecting boxes, to communicating with employees and informing clients. There is a long list of things to consider when moving from one office to another.

Based on our experiences and some research, we’ve compiled a list of our top five tips for managing your next office move.

1. Create a Timeline and Schedule

Moving can become disorganized fast. As the leader of your company, it’s your job to ensure employees are informed and on track. It’s recommended that you work with your staff to develop a timeline for the move.

Key dates on your timeline may include things like when the renovations will be finalized, when moving will actually take place, when the internet will be installed, among others. You should also add any relevant tasks that need to be completed during the transition and when they need to be completed. With each task on your timeline, designate a member of your team who will be responsible for ensuring it’s done.

2. Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

Speaking of having a schedule and sticking to it – don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for your move. Planning as far in advance as possible will save time and frustration when it comes time to pack and move to your new space. If you wait until moving day, you’re bound to forget something, or have an unexpected wrench thrown into your plans.

3. Visualize Your New Office Setup

If you’re pre-move, you’ve likely had a chance to at least view your new office. Do you know where your desk will go? How about that fancy new printer you just bought for your new space? Instead of testing it out by trial and error – spending way too many valuable work hours organizing and reorganizing your office – save time and effort by taking a few minutes to visualize where everything will go.

“Imagining where I wanted things to go before hand helped me set up my new office at Volta in no time,” explains Dennis Cottreau, Co-founder and CEO of Volta Resident Company, Bereda Training. “Being able to organize my office the way I like it the first time around saved me time and energy that I’d rather be putting towards my business.”

Are you struggling to see where things should be in your mind? Try sketching your ideal office layout on a spare piece of paper or copy of your office’s floor plans.

4. Purge, and Then Buy Some New Stuff

Alright, we know this one may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out. Whether you’ve spent a few months or a few years in your current office, you’ve likely accumulated stuff you really don’t need. Those outdated one-pagers? Toss ‘em. That pile of tangled wires and old electronics? You won’t use them. Holding onto items you don’t need only means you have more stuff to move to your new office.

While purging is great – therapeutic even – sometimes you just need a few new items to spruce up your space. Whether you buy a plant or two for your desk or splurge on a comfy office chair, picking up a few items for the new office is a fun way to celebrate your new space. After all, what makes a better team building exercise than assembling IKEA furniture together?

5. Celebrate With Your Team

While on the subject of celebrating your new office, our last tip for managing your next office move is to celebrate. After all the planning and moving is done (and before you dive headfirst into the pile of work you need to catch up on), it’s time to celebrate!

For construction analytics startup and Volta Resident, Harbr, celebrating their move was the perfect way to recognize their team and set goals for the future.

“Taking a few minutes to celebrate our new office space with the team was a great way to congratulate everyone on their hard work, and a nice opportunity to look ahead and get excited about Harbr’s future,” says Ashley Kielbratowski, Harbr’s Co-founder and Head of Product.

Moving offices is no easy feat. It takes time, planning, and teamwork to pull off a move without any major issues. With these five tips, you’ll be sure to avoid any unnecessary problems, and manage your next office move as efficiently as possible.

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