SheEO’s Radical Generosity Initiative will dramatically transform how we fund and support female entrepreneurs.


– If women were financed to the same degree as male-led companies, we would create 6 million jobs in the next 5 years in North America.
– Women are a huge economic engine but are under financed. Only 4% of venture capital goes to women.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In major cities across Canada, one thousand women will contribute $1,000 each to create a pool of $1,000,000. The radically generous women will select 10 female-led ventures who will then collectively decide how to divide the million dollars.

Halifax is one of the first cities in Canada to be a part of this movement. Women from all over Atlantic Canada will come together to donate, grow their network and apply to be one of the first 10 ventures to benefit from the SheEO fund.

Why Atlantic Canada? Because we are ready for change, and the female entrepreneurial community is ready to make it happen. How? By collaborating with like-minded women all across the country to be an activator for change – real change!

Join us – together we can make this new model of Radical Generosity, work.

Want to have a discussion with the founder of SheEO? Vicki Saunders will be hosting a series of live, free conference calls the week of July 27th to address any questions you have. Join us!

TOLL FREE NUMBER TO DIAL IN: (1) 877-683-4686

Radical Generosity Conference Call # 1:  Tuesday July 28, 8pm – 9pm EST

Radical Generosity Conference Call # 2:  Wednesday July 29, 12pm – 1pm EST

Radical Generosity Conference Call # 3:  Thursday July 30,, 11am – 12pm EST

Key dates:

Applications must be submitted before Aug. 31st 2015. Initial 25 finalists will be chosen in September. Final 10 winners will be announced in October.

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