Yes, the SaaSy Software event was a competition, but Hackathons are also a place to experiment, meet interesting people and learn something. With almost 30 people at the Hackathon, 5 teams came to the event with an idea ready to pitch, and by the end of the weekend, 3 awesome projects were completed.

Getting that project off the ground can be challenging when you’re working on it here and there. Hackathons give you a reason to stop procrastinating and finish what you started. This weekend, three teams left Volta a few hundred dollars richer, and with an (almost) completed product.

First place was awarded to the SplashIO team. Splash is a data market place where individuals could create, and share streams of application event data. The team consisted of Dawson Reid, Joel Kuntz, Sarah MacDonald, Mark Slaunwhite, and Liam Coleman-Aulenbach. The team developed the server in Python using the Eve framework (built on top of Flask) and the Python SDK, the front end was developed using EmberJs, and the Java SDK was close to completion by judging time. The team even had a business savvy guy develop the potential pricing model, logos, and slide deck.

Second place went to the Real Like team who created a bitpoint vending machine. Third Place went to 4 brilliant Brazilians, in Halifax on a co-op placement, who spent the weekend building a video game from scratch, which with little sleep over the weekend, turned out to be quite the accomplishment for these first time video game designers.

On Sunday afternoon, our panel of judges came to hear the teams demo projects and chose the most innovative and challenging project.  Teams got feedback about their pricing models, market validation and of course, technical Savvy, from Judges Greg Poirier, Rob Cowen, and Andrew Redden. Thank you to our Judges, sponsor – aio TV, and all who came and participated in the fun!

For more info about the project that won first place, email Dawson:


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