We would like to congratulate our most recent graduates, AnalyzeRe, who announced that they have closed their first round of funding today with an investment from Innovacorp to the tune of $1.4 million, according to the Halifax based start-up.

Analyze Re, a company that was only incorporated as of March 2013 by its 3 founders Oliver Baltzer, Adrian Bentley, and Shivam Rajdev, was working out of the Volta Labs Incubator after Launch36 program,  up until November 1, 2013 when they expanded too quickly and needed a bigger office to house their new team members.  We caught up with two of their founders to find out about their time at Volta and how it contributed to get them where they are today.  “Volta plays a critical role in the start-up ecosystem.  Because of them, we have benefited tremendously from the mentorship and training that were provided to us during our time there.  All very important factors in helping us to grow the business to the stage we are at now” stated Adrian, one of the co-founders about his time spent at Volta.  Shivam, one of the other Analyze Re co-founders, added that “The benefits of connecting to other founders who are going through a similar process in building their companies gave us the support and encouragement we really needed.” They both indicated that they are also looking forward to getting back to Volta in the near future to continue contributing as alumni and mentors at the incubator.

Analyze Re provides pricing and risk management software for the reinsurance industry backed by a team with extensive industry knowledge.  Their innovative SaaS platform employs high performance computing and big data analysis to unlock a holistic view of risk, enabling reinsurers to make smarter decisions, minimize their risk and maximize their profits in real-time.  You can find out more about their company at www.analyzere.com


Congratulations again Analyze Re, you give the other founders at Volta something to aspire to!


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