The Mill is currently accepting applications for their third cohort in Las Vegas. The startup accelerator program offers startups office space, $25,000 in funds and 3 months of classes and mentorship. The deadline is January 29, so there’s still time to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity if you’re a seed-stage startup.

Who is the Mill Startup Accelerator program for?

The startup accelerator program is for seed-stage companies. The focus of the program is on developing an exceptional customer service culture in each cohort, with help from the The Mill’s program team and mentor network.

What does The Mill offer?

The Mill offers:

  1. $25,000 in funding,
  2. Office space,
  3. 3 month program of classes and mentoring,
  4. An extensive network of mentors,
  5. A feature in The Post, The Mill’s blog, and
  6. Support and connections to the growing Mill community

What content is included in the 3 month class program?

Classes include a kickoff cohort retreat, core values, customer profiling, brand review, creating a great company culture, UX workshops and reviews, pitches, pitch decks, term sheets and fundraising.

What do startups commit to?

Companies who participate in The Mill’s startup accelerator program commit to work at The Mill HQ in Downtown Las Vegas, a 5% interest rate on funding, completion of the 3 month class programs, support fellow Millers, present at Pitch Night and complete the program evaluation.

What’s it like at The Mill?

Melody Pardoe, Executive Director of Volta Labs, recently visited The Mill. “There’s a great mixture of resources in Las Vegas for startups,” She explains. “The cost of living is low, the community is strong, and downtown Las Vegas is reinventing itself with a grass roots feel, all while staying true to its history. The cohorts in Las Vegas seem to stay in touch after the program ends, and founders take care of each other which shows that there are strong community leaders. There are plenty of connections for founders to take advantage of too, thanks to the heavy private sector involvement in the Vegas startup ecosystem.”

What’s Volta got to do with it?

Three Volta companies have had great success during their cohorts at The Mill. Zora, Vendeve and Addo have all successfully completed the program, and have seen it as a great opportunity for other startups to do the same for the upcoming cohort.

“The Mill was a great place for Zora to move beyond the idea stage, build our first product and get some early customers,” says Milan Vrekic, CEO and co-founder of Zora. “We got support from the Mill throughout the entire process.”

“The Mill was a great experience for our team and myself personally,” says Moses Robicheau, CEO and co-founder of Addo. “It was eye opening into the US investment scene, and start up scene outside of NS. At The Mill we had some great resources and contacts who helped us develop our product, strategy and present with opportunities to develop relationships with investor in the US. Great experience and a great program.”

Calee Blanchard, COO of Vendeve, had similar experiences. “The Mill was a great experience. Get your networking hat on and make the most of your time there. The Vegas atmosphere is similar to Halifax, where successful companies remain accessible and willing to offer advice.”

Calee also had some advice for startups interested in the program, “Ask so many questions,  get feedback on your product and always be on the lookout for opportunities to offer help in return. Put yourself out there. Since you’re close to San Francisco, plan ahead and set up meetings with contacts there as well – if not for a current raise, for mentorship or for later round financing. In-person time, we’ve learned, can make all the difference in developing lasting relationships. Finally, be sure to look in to US incorporation policy and costs if you anticipate raising from Venture Capitalists or angels who invest only in US entities. Good luck!”

Where to I apply?

The Mill has an online application process. Make sure to apply before January 29 and take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate your startup, polish your customer services and join an international network of Millers.

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