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Residency at Volta is the best way to obtain the mentorship, resources and space you need to grow your startup.

As a Resident Company, you’ll have access to more than $50,000 in programs and discounts to help your startup flourish; this includes a travel program, in-house experts, mentorship programs, founder-focused events and much more. You’ll also get affordable, fully-equipped office space in the heart of downtown Halifax, with flexible month-to-month leases.

Most importantly, you’ll become part of a community that will become your support network as you take on new challenges and scale your business.

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How do I know if I’m ready?

You might be surprised how much residency will help you early on.

You don’t need a finished product. If your idea is validated and you have potential clients, we want to hear from you.

The point of residency is to get your company to Product/Market Fit. This can take up to two years, depending on the industry.

Our current Volta Residents and Alumni are in various stages of growth, so no matter what stage you’re in, apply. They all started in the same place you did.

So what are the requirements?

  • Full-time founders: you need two (or more) devoted, full-time co-founders dedicated to getting your startup off the ground
  • Tech: our residency program is exclusively for tech startups
  • Validated: You don’t need a full product, but you do need validated ideas and tested assumptions
  • Team: it takes more than just business prowess or technical skills. Your team should be a good combination of both
  • Big market: you should have global market potential, with plenty of opportunity for growth

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Current Resident Companies

Axem Neurotechnology

Focus: Medical Devices

Axem Neurotechnology is developing the first brain sensing device for neurorehabilitation. Axem Neurotechnology’s first product empowers stroke patients to carry out rehabilitation at home with remote support from their healthcare professional, while offering providers a new revenue stream and actionable patient data powered by proprietary neurotechnology.

B-Line Analytics

Focus: Mobility Survey Platform

B-Line Analytics is a mobility survey platform that helps environmental consultants and organizations easily and affordably collect occupant mobility data to improve building occupants’ health, achieve green building certifications, and enhance biking and transit infrastructure within cities, helping citizens to get to work faster.


Focus: Education

Binogi is a multilingual learning tool! Binogi provides teachers and students with local curricula in their language of choice. Using engaging animated videos and quizzes alongside useful analytics Binogi helps teachers and students succeed. Binogi, is a powerful tool for today’s diverse classroom. Education for all, from day one!


Focus: Marketplace for Hairstylists

Bright offers a combination of on-site and virtual services. The services range from physical and personal to lifestyle to engage all types of employees and team members.



Focus: Cybersecurity

The Byos Endpoint Security Platform makes endpoint security for Zero Trust networks achievable and affordable. Byos gives IT teams comprehensive centralized endpoint management capabilities and as the only plug & play solution, the Byos Portable Secure Gateway protects endpoint devices using breakthrough Hardware-Enforced Network Isolation.



Focus: Vision Care

Coloursmith develops innovative contact lens and glasses technologies for the modern world.

Dropout Labs

Focus: Machine Learning Platform

Dropout Labs is a platform for secure, privacy-preserving machine learning.


Focus: Energy Management for Remote Sites

Dugo enables wireless companies to save on OpEx and CapEx while keeping them informed of their cell towers energy related performance.


Focus: Construction Workforce Analytics

Harbr captures workforce performance and quality metrics through key engagements with Site Managers while making their job easier and more efficient. Workforce analytics provides critical insight into the job site for decision makers.



Focus: Developer Tooling

Manifold gives developers and engineering teams the freedom to use their favorite essential services with any cloud. We make it really easy to find, buy, and manage developer services like email, storage, and logging outside the confines of the monocloud so teams no longer have to sacrifice quality and performance for ease of use.

Marine Thinking

Marine Thinking

Focus: Ocean

Marine Thinking is an AI-driven, big data company providing innovative insights to the seafood industry. They seamlessly integrate factories with big data, empowering client companies to stay at the forefront of changing demand and operating efficiency.

Milk Moovement

Milk Moovement is a powerful tool that connects all players in the raw milk supply chain. Included are features for transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring and producer payment.



Focus: Health

Motryx works with hospital laboratories across Europe and in North America to provide a quality control solution for pre-analytic blood transport.

Peer Ledger

Focus: Blockchain Technology

Peer Ledger is a blockchain company specializing in blockchain products for initially the healthcare and precious metal and minerals sectors. It offers two products: (1) an identity bridge product suitable for high assurance sectors,  and (2) the Mimosi track-and-trace blockchain application for responsible (i.e. conflict-free) supply chains. 


Focus: B2B Sales Tool

SalesRight helps B2B SaaS sales professionals close more deals by arming them with interactive and intelligent pricing that enhances the buying experience and their bottom line.


Focus: Product Development

Savio helps software teams collect, analyze, and use qualitative customer feedback to build great products.

Side Door

Focus: Booking Platform

Side Door gives audiences instant access to intimate and unique events happening right in their own neighborhoods by matching artists with hosts who turn their private homes, businesses or alternative spaces into venues.

Swell Advantage


Focus: Smart Marina Platform

Swell provides deep analytics and automated operations support tools for marinas, boat clubs and government waterfronts focused on increasing revenue, decrease operational overhead, and providing a better customer experience.



Focus: Cleaning industry software

Swept develops software specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. Their software is designed for the unique challenges cleaning companies have when managing a large number of cleaners and clients with limited resources. Their communication-centric approach allows cleaning managers to identify issues before they become problems, which allows them to not only be more efficient, but more effective at their jobs.

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