Volta launches Ecosystem Impact Awards to celebrate Atlantic Canadian changemakers

To recognize and celebrate the leaders and supporters who are helping to nurture and grow the startup ecosystem in Atlantic Canada, Volta, Canada’s East Coast Innovation Hub, has launched the Ecosystem Impact Awards + Summer Party, in partnership with RBC.    “We all have a role to play in creating a more innovative and prosperous […]

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A hands-on approach to innovation

If you happen to find yourself in the jungle, face to face with a tiger, your brain quickly jumps to one obvious solution: get out of there without being eaten. That, according to Christine Hamblin, Atlantic Innovation Lead at Accenture’s Outpost at Volta, is how our brains work out most solutions to problems. “A lot […]

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Five new resident companies join the Volta community

Volta is thrilled to welcome five new Resident Companies to its space in downtown Halifax. Those companies include DevScript Inc., Motryx, ReelData, Talkatoo and Finazz. “In my first month at Volta, I connected with more than 70 people, participated in the inaugural Pitch@Palace, gained mentorship, networks and support,” David Pratt, CEO and Founder at DevScript […]

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How to develop a knack for networking

As a startup founder, you’ve done everything right – you’ve validated your business idea, pitched your product or service at competitions, conducted extensive research into your key competitors and ideal customer profile; you might even have a go-to-market strategy in place that you’re ready to roll out.   It’s an exciting time for your company, […]

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A wild card win for Motryx

At the end of 2018, entrepreneurs Andre Bezanson and Dr. Franziska Broell – then known as Maritime Biologgers, decided that it was time to let go of their side project and move onto other opportunities. “We were basically winding things down,” Bezanson, now Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Motryx, said. “Because we wanted to […]

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Making a B-Line toward market success

Sometimes, what drives industry innovation better than anything else is pure necessity, and a set of fresh eyes on a process that was seemingly tried and true. “Before I began working as an urban planner, I used to think that we used very sophisticated means of designing transit systems – but it’s not,” Aaron Short, […]

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