Are you passionate about growing the technical talent pool in Nova Scotia?

Do you want to be part of creating this growth in Nova Scotia?

Volta is partnering with Lighthouse Labs to host their Halifax Satellite Web Development Bootcamp. This two month program is made for developers, by developers to bridge the talent gap from hobbyists to professionals and launch upcoming devs into their careers.

We’re looking for a Community Manager and Lead Mentor to customize the program for Halifax, connect with the community and create a fantastic program that has been successful in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Okanagan, Montreal, Victoria, London, and now here.

The Bootcamp

The Web Development Bootcamp includes 8 weeks of in-person classes with a team of mentors. Students can expect an intense and accelerated education experience that will teach them all the necessary skills to be a developer. The bootcamp also includes 4 weeks of remote prep work and tons of mentorship, so that students learn to translate concepts, breakdown problems, and continue learning on the job.

Community Manager

The job of a Community Manager is to act as an ambassador who engages and connects developers, employers, media, and students during and leading up to the launch of The Satellite Bootcamp. This is a paid position that requires recruitment, community connection and event planning experience. The successful Community Manager must be passionate about Lighthouse Labs’ vision and program, and eager to grow the technical pool of talent in Nova Scotia. This position requires 10-15 hours of work per week (sometimes less).

We’re looking for an applicant with the right mixture of experience and skills, including:

  1. 2 years+ experience in event planning and execution,
  2. Passion for tech and community building,
  3. Outgoing personality and strong networking abilities,
  4. Proven communication and organizational skills,
  5. Ability to develop, own and execute projects with minimal direction, and
  6. Connections to local dev community, if possible.


Lead Mentor

The Lead Mentor must be passionate about teaching the next generation of developers. This is a paid position that combines technical know-how with educational priorities that would be great for a member of the tech community. This is an average 10 hrs per week commitment.

The Lead Mentor should also be comfortable with most of the following:

  1. Ruby,
  2. Automated Testing with Ruby (Minitest or RSpec) and TDD,
  3. Sinatra,
  4. Rails (4.x),
  5. jQuery,
  6. “CSS3”,
  7. NodeJS,
  8. Popular modern JS tools/libraries like Grunt, Gulp, Babel, etc,
  9. SQL,
  10. HTTP, REST and server-side MVC (Rails, Django, etc),
  11. Git and the popular “github workflow”,
  12. Automated Web app testing (Integration or e2e testing with Capybara and/or PhantomJS),
  13. Continuous integration and other common best practices and services,
  14. Unix CLI and perhaps even Vagrant / virtualization, and
  15. Basic Sysadmin / infrastructure knowledge.


The Satellite Program in Halifax

The aim of the Halifax satellite program is to provide the same quality and personalized education experience as in the Toronto and Vancouver campuses while being immersed in the local community. The satellite program follows the same curriculum and structure while lectures are delivered by senior developers via high quality live video stream.

This bootcamp also addresses one of Nova Scotia’s key ecosystem problems: Finding technical talent. Volta’s role is to share this opportunity with our local community: You!

How to apply

If you’re interested in the Community Manager or Lead Mentor position and want to contribute to growing the Nova Scotian technical ecosystem (or know someone that would be the perfect fit), contact Sarah Linders at with a resume.

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