Volta Startup Careers

Tips for Building an Effective Startup Team

Building an effective team is crucial to achieving startup success. If you’re in the early stages, attracting a team may… read more

Mastering the Art of the Pivot

Our community is filled with innovative founders and professionals who are creating amazing content and sharing inspiring stories based on… read more

5​ ​Atlantic​ ​Canadian​ ​Technology​ ​Startups​ ​Receive​ ​$25,000​ ​Investment​ ​From​ ​Volta Cohort

Five Atlantic Canadian technology startups were selected to each receive a $25,000 investment from Volta Cohort, a microfund co-founded by… read more

5 Tips For Managing Your Next Office Move

Here at Volta, we know a thing or two about moving offices. In 2015, we moved from the old Volta… read more

Abundance Mindset in Atlantic Canada

Developing an Abundance Mindset in Atlantic Canada

In conversations about startup communities and supporting innovators across the country, I have distilled my ‘pitch’ for Halifax and the… read more

Harbr: Combating Construction Industry Inefficiencies with Technology

As an entrepreneur, you never know where you’ll find your next great startup idea. For the co-founders of Volta Resident… read more

Six Months In: Catching up with the First Volta Cohort

In November 2017, the first-ever Volta Cohort was selected. After 45 applications, 15 pitches, and one world-class event, the judges… read more

Event Etiquette

10 Business Event Etiquette Tips for Entrepreneurs

Attending business events is something every entrepreneur will have to do at one point in their career. Conferences, networking sessions,… read more

So You Want to Work at a Startup?

Whether you’re only beginning your career or you’re a seasoned professional looking for a change, working at a startup is… read more

Corporate Innovation

Innovating from the Outside In

As a large company, staying competitive is often a top priority that’s increasingly more difficult to achieve. Rapid technology advancements… read more