Resources for Women in Tech

10 Resources for Women in Tech

Discussions around women in the technology sector have captured the attention of many over the past several years, thanks in part by increased conversations about gender parity in the workforce, and a focused effort on encouraging women to pursue careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. According to Girls Who Code, about […]

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Startup Social Media

3 Steps to Improve Your Startup’s Social Media Presence

As a busy entrepreneur, your company’s social media presence may be low on the priority list. Founders fill many roles during the early days of a startup – from leading business and product development to managing sales teams and securing investment, they have a lot to consider on a daily basis. Sure, it’s true that […]

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Validate Before You Build: Increase Your Odds of Startup Success

“Fall in love with the problem not the solution.” – Uri Levine, Co-founder of Waze So you have a great idea for a startup. After all, that is where every successful entrepreneur begins. Maybe you’ve been thinking about your idea for a while – quietly planning to take over the world from your basement. Or, […]

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8 Slides to Perfect your Pitch Deck

Well, it’s that time. You’ve finally decided to seek investment for your startup. Bootstrapping may have brought you to where you are today, but you’re now looking for the extra push investment can provide to help catapult your startup into a thriving, growth-focused company. Or, maybe you’re preparing to pitch your business or idea at […]

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Have a Great Business Idea? Do These 5 Things Next

It’s a blessing and a curse. Out of nowhere, you’re slapped in the face with a brilliant business idea. It might have come from your observations, your creativity, or maybe just sheer dumb luck. Either way, you’ve managed to culminate a concept birthed within the absolute pinnacle of your cognitive abilities; a true strike of [...]
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