CDMN Brazil-Canada Bi-Lateral Exchange Program

Applications are now open for the CDMN Brazil-Canada Bi-Lateral Exchange Program.

Connect your company to a global marketplace through the CDMN Brazil-Canada Bi-Lateral Exchange Program that is aimed at connecting qualified, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international business opportunities in the Brazilian marketplace.

How it works:

The Brazil-Canada Bi-Lateral Exchange Program lands your high-potential tech company directly in the

Brazilian market for up to three months. Participation is limited to CDMN Hub-nominated companies. Five Canadian companies will be selected overall and offered a soft-landing opportunity in Brazil encompassing one month of programming and three months of desk space.

This exclusive program is offered to Hub clients interested in landing in Brazil on September 15th for a period of up to 3 months. Upon acceptance into the program, a detailed description of the program in Brazil will be provided by CDMN to the company contact person listed below to finalize the details of the landing.

Why Brazil?

The most significant identified driving interests in Brazil based on secular technology and socioeconomic trends are a growing middle class, internet/broadband/mobile Penetration growth potential, high digital engagement levels (social media), and the growth inefficiencies of brick and mortar retail, creating a large addressable market to be claimed. Read More:

The selected five companies will get:

  • Reimbursement of up to $5000 in transportation and accommodation expenses
  • Office space in a premium area of Sao Paulo for up to three months
  • Mentorship and connections to potential partners provided by Brazilian accelerator Project-1 ( and the Canadian Trade Commissioner service.

Programming on the topics of:

  • Services (Brazil’s Country and Economy Overview, Corporate Legal Overview, Sao Paulo Financial Services, Tax & Accounting Overview, Business Immigration, Labour Force & Staffing Overview, Real Estate Overview)
  • Intelligence (Segments Overview, Consumer habits, ,Marketing, Business Validation)
  • Commercialization (Match making program, Workshops, Networking sessions, One-to-one meetings)
  • “Tropicalization” (Brazilian Life Style, Regional differences, “ The Brazilian way” of doing business).


·         Canadian high-potential startup or SME

·         Preference will be given to priority segments in Brazil such as mobile, clean tech, Internet of Things

·         Product/service must be launched, generating revenue and possibly secured investment capital

·         Must commit to sending a decision maker such as a founder, president and/or CEO to participate

in the landing (may send up to two employees)

·         Must commit to a minimum of three weeks in Brazil beginning on September 15th, 2014

·         Must be a client of one of the CDMN Hubs (in this case Volta)

Applications close at 11:59 ET on July 18, 2014.

Email if you would like to apply.

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