The CDMN Soft-Landing Program helps qualified, mature startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do business in new markets. Companies take residence in a partnered facility that offer the regional support required to help grow their business.

There are three types of landings available for mature startups and SMEs.

– Outbound Soft-Landings: Canadian companies land anywhere in the world and connect to a business accelerator centre, incubator or co-working space in their target market

– Inbound Soft-Landings: Non-Canadian companies land in Canada

– Domestic Soft-Landings: Canadian companies land elsewhere in Canada

Regardless of the soft-landing type, the location and specific landing facility is determined by the startup and SME. Factors include market pull and the company’s business objectives abroad.

Available Program Support

Successful candidates of the Outbound Soft-Landing stream receive up to $4,000CDN in reimbursable expenses to help offset transportation and accommodation costs. Companies landing at partnered business accelerators, incubators or co-working spaces also have costs associated with their hotelling services covered by CDMN for up to three months.

Inbound and Domestic Soft-Landings do not qualify for funding. For a fee, CDMN connects companies interested in these landing options with an extensive nation-wide network of commercialization hubs.


Outbound applicants must be a Canadian company and a client of one of CDMN’s 29 hub partners. Companies interested in undertaking an Outbound Soft-Landing must apply to the program through their hub. Through their partnership with CDMN, hubs have access to an internationalization

preparation plan, as well as other mentorship initiatives that help companies ready themselves for international growth.

Applicants of the Outbound Soft-Landing stream are evaluated based on several criteria, including:

– Whether they have generated revenue in the past six-to-12 months;

– The current stage of their business or product;

– The viability of the goals and objectives outlined in the application; and

– The support they are seeking from the landing facility.

Companies who meet these criteria and demonstrate a strong probability of growing jobs and wealth in Canada as a result of their soft-landing will be considered highly.

Inbound and Domestic landings can take place at any time throughout the year and are not subject to the application and approval process that the Outbound Soft-Landing applications observe. All companies looking to land in Canada should contact CDMN directly to discuss next steps.

If you would like to take advantage of this program, contact :

Email Michelle Noble ( or Lisa Cashmore ( for more information

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