VMOpro Inc.

VMOpro Inc. is a remote physiotherapy solution that enables patients to self-manage their injuries and conditions at home. The platform… read more

Habit Forming Technologies

Habit Forming Technologies is creating a growth management system using persuasive technology, sentiment analysis + human interaction, to provide individualized… read more


SmartMed has created SmartShift, a tool that helps auto-schedule 800 shift positions in one minute, saving time and money.


KorrAI Technology Inc. is a technology company that enables mining companies to make smarter exploration and extraction decisions using AI.

Kute Lab

Kute Lab is creating a two sided platform; one side offers a mobile application to users that simplifies cosmetic ingredients,… read more

Sparrow Acoustics

Sparrow Acoustics is making it possible for health care professionals to triage a cardiac patient in less than 10 minutes using… read more


RIDDL RIDDL provides proprietary data to impact investors to guide better investment decisions.


ReelData offers remote monitoring technology for the aquaculture industry, allowing fish farms to know the biomass, appetite and welfare of finned… read more

Gibli Tech

Gibli Tech is developing a revolutionary sensor that provides cyclists and triathletes with real-time aerodynamic feedback while training or racing to… read more

Electric Owl

Electric Owl develops smart technology that combines plant science with computer science to help people grow food. An AI powered garden… read more