WWN Technologies

Working Women Network (WWN) is Canada's first AI-powered talent management SaaS platform helping women and the LGBTQ2+ community to onboard the right jobs as well as help corporates enhance diversity hiring, and save time and cost by making… read more

Pain Coach

Pain Coach Inc creates digital tools that allow for more personalized postoperative pain control, so that all patients can get… read more


Today companies with independent field agents are faced with two options, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire a… read more


The Katapilla system is a simple and cost-effective solution for clinicians to remotely monitor patients or athletes after an injury.… read more


3D BioFibR Inc. uses a patented “dry-spinning” manufacturing process to produce high quality protein fibers (e.g. collagen and spider silk)… read more


Union.Dev is a cloud based union management platform.

Side Door

Side Door is a platform matching artists with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere. Side Door matches artists with hosts,… read more


QuickFacts is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that organizes information and presents it on a custom search-engine website. Currently,… read more


MIMOSA provides a proactive approach to skin health, allowing clinicians to implement earlier interventions, or even prevent them from being… read more


homeschoolToGo is a worldwide educational alternative designed to propel the next generation of conscious leaders.Nowadays, skills such as creativity, adaptability,… read more