Over the summer of 2018 Volta begins its next chapter that is about broadening the Volta Effect on Halifax and Atlantic Canada. This is not about new space but the opportunities that will be created by having more people engaged in a growing community that is optimistic about the future.

Our focus at Volta will be on looking for different ways to get people to engage in the community. That includes more high-quality events, finding ways for founders to develop stronger networks, and creating an environment where people can find opportunities to be innovative.

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There are still many challenges ahead. For early stage companies, they need to be adequately funded, hire the right people for their teams, and get their products to customers anywhere in the world. Corporations are concerned about similar things as early stage companies but also the inevitable disruption that technology brings as well as the accelerated pace of change. In our community there is a concern our rural areas will be lost, our cities aren’t planning for the future, and there aren’t opportunities locally to keep the people we have and attract more.

At times it feels like we are at a disadvantage in Nova Scotia but what we need to keep in mind that all those challenges exist globally and we need to instead focus on the abundance of opportunity that exists now with what we have here.

At Volta we are working on refining programming to help early stage, ambitious companies, develop their business here as well as helping large organizations understand the future opportunities that excite innovators. Our new environment is designed to allow for more connections between people and through those connections opportunities will be created.

Volta is excited about the future of Canada and how Halifax can play a leadership role in that future. Our growth is a signal of that confidence. We know it is important to support those opportunities, foster engagement, and encourage others to be excited about the future.

Originally published in the spring issue of the Volta Effect magazine. This version has a few edits.

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