Volta - Corp Innovation draft for 2019 updates

Corp Innovation draft for 2019 updates

Be the innovation leader in your industry

By partnering with Volta and embracing innovation, your organization will think and do business differently, expediting results and achieving growth faster. Corporate innovation teams become part of the Volta community, learning, collaborating, and tapping into tech talent that enables you to develop groundbreaking solutions for your business.

Our corporate innovations partners make business decisions efficiently and effectively, while immersing their team in a culture of tech innovation and creativity, where entrepreneurship is the norm. Plus, you’ll have access to a wide range of expert-led workshops, lecture series and discussions to further enhance this ever-growing ecosystem.

Corporate Programming at Volta

Volta partners and community members have access to a wide range of corporate programming, assessments and training seminars to aid in your innovation efforts. They range from one-hour Lunch + Learns, to two-hour discussions, two-day workshops and more, to fit your busy schedule.

There are many offerings to help you evaluate your organization’s challenges and capture new market opportunities; these sessions and workshops will teach a variety of techniques to help change your perspective, and reach your goals faster, and more effectively.

Connecting your organization to the fast-growing startup and innovation ecosystem at Volta, will enable your team to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and global experts, and think outside of the traditional corporate structure.

Skills Development

Volta’s Skills Development sessions are designed to maximize the learner’s experience in a hands-on environment. Participants will obtain a thorough understanding of each concept and be able to leave the program and immediately implement their learnings, seeing real results from lessons learned. 

Delivered by Accenture, some of the workshops and training sessions include:

Change-maker Series

Volta’s Change-maker Series features discussions, guest speakers and experts on a wide range of local, provincial and national issues pertaining to business, innovation, growth, capital and factors impacting the Atlantic Canadian startup ecosystem, and more. 

There is plenty of opportunity to gain insights and understandings from members of the community, and network with fellow participants.

Some of the discussions include:

  • VoltaDNA
  • Founder Speaker Series
  • Global Speaker Series

Integrating Innovation

Taking your company to the next level is all about integrating innovation in your workplace. These sessions are designed for participants to develop methods and mindsets to improve your team’s capacity to collaborate and act intrapreneurially, and come up with a game plan to reach your goals more efficiently. 

Delivered by Accenture, some of the hands-on workshops and training sessions include:

Corporate Innovation Outposts

Change your space, change your mindset. Space at Volta includes Innovator level Corporate Membership – allowing your organization to co-locate with the startup community, and take full advantage of the skills development, business growth and social programming Volta offers. This can take the shape of a semi-private office, private office, or an Innovation Outpost.

Our Innovation Outposts serve as a catalyst for evolving corporate culture and a channel to tap into new opportunities that most organizations would not otherwise have.

In an Outpost, your team thinks and works like a startup, tackling your organization’s business challenges and market opportunities. They will hack business models and prototype solutions, surrounded by the entrepreneurs, innovators and the unique opportunities presented by working in one of Canada’s leading innovation hubs.

A semi-private office would have your team working beside Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Connector. Or, an Innovation Outpost at Volta means you could be working alongside fellow community Outposts for organizations such as Accenture, Atlantic Lottery Corp and the Government of Nova Scotia


Outpost Perks:

  • Access customized corporate innovation workshops, coaching and skills development
  • Apply design thinking and other startup methodologies to your business challenges
  • Empower employees to explore and apply new styles of thinking, while attracting talent that are industrious and enterprising
  • Reduce the long-term cost of innovating by de-risking decisions with prototyping and customer data
  • Be immersed in the startup community


“Our Innovation outpost has allowed us to do really awesome stuff … filler text in lieu of a testimonials,”

– John Smith, Title
Atlantic Lottery Corporation

“Our Innovation outpost has allowed us to do really awesome stuff … filler text in lieu of a testimonials,”

– Christine Hamblin, Title

“Our Innovation outpost has allowed us to do really awesome stuff … filler text in lieu of a testimonials,”

– John Smith, Title
Province of NS

“Our semi-private office has allowed us to do really awesome stuff … filler text in lieu of a testimonials,”

– John Smith, Title
Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Connector

Why Volta?

Our unique community of innovators has the right mix of expertise in areas such as cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, AI, enterprise solutions, gaming, data science, social media, software development, SaaS solutions, and more.

Contact our Corporate Innovations team to learn more about office space, programming, and events. vc_content