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Corporate Innovation

The world is changing faster than ever, and so are your customers’ needs.

As Canada’s East Coast Innovation Hub, Volta helps today’s most innovative companies stay ahead of the curve – and ahead of the competition.

Our unique community of innovators has the right mix of expertise in areas such as cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, AI, enterprise solutions, gaming, data science, social media, software development, SaaS solutions, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a space to inspire your team members, tackle tough business challenges, learn new skills, or work at arm’s length from head office while pursuing new initiatives, your team will becomes part of this community – learning, collaborating, and tapping into talent, while developing groundbreaking solutions.

See things differently

Connect your team to our community

We’ll work together to connect your team to our community of innovators, with options ranging from workshops, programs, partnerships, socials, space and more.

Work alongside leading innovators

Volta offers a safe space for teams to work intrapreneurially, tackling your business challenges using different methodologies and approaches while you pursue innovative solutions.

Sharpen or share your skills

Whether you’re eager to lead or eager to learn, Volta offers various training opportunities to grow your skillset or to teach others, learn new methodologies to shape the way you approach business problems and day-to-day tasks.

Collaborate with community members

From internal pain points to community-wide problem-solving, there’s plenty of opportunity to bring key stakeholders  – such as government bodies, educational institutions, SMEs and more – to the table to share insights and collaborate on solutions, events, projects and more.

Workspaces that empower your team to innovate

Break out of the ordinary and tackle your business challenges in an innovative space. Bring your big ideas, pain points, and your team to a dedicated space at Volta; we offer Network Memberships for your employees to work in our Co-Working Space, semi-private Post + Beam offices, innovation outposts + landing pad options for companies looking for their second HQ.

Share your expertise – or learn from others’

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, there’s always plenty of opportunity to learn and even more opportunity to lead. Sit in on or present at workshops, programs or office hours to share your skills or sharpen them, and better understand trends in the tech community.

Collaborate with other passionate innovators

There’s plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees to work together, learn from one another and form meaningful relationships. Whether you’re looking to grow your network, or collaborate on special projects that drive intrapreneurially thinking in your organization, there are plenty of events, workshops and socials to bring the startup ecosystem together at Volta.

Disrupt your sector or industry

As technologies continue to advance, there is plenty of opportunity to create or adopt hardware and software tools that will drive efficiency and innovation in your sector or industry. Whether it’s through early adoption, or challenging your team – or the community – to create, there’s plenty of opportunity to disrupt your sector and better the community.

Create meaningful change in your community

Bring together key stakeholders to take a collective look at how our community can do better with day-to-day processes, structures and systems. Through ongoing workshops, roundtables, speaker series and more, there’s plenty of opportunity to break down the way our societies operate, drive innovation, and create meaningful change that impacts everyone positively.

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The Province of Nova Scotia

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