The world is changing faster than ever, and so are your customers’ needs.

Find out how Corporate Innovation is helping today’s most innovative companies stay ahead of the curve (and of their competitors).

See things differently.

Imagine hiring a new team that uses innovation to solve your company’s big problems and address opportunities. This team is:

  • Based at Volta’s innovation hub
  • Immersed in the startup community
  • Works at arm’s-length from corporate headquarters
  • Led by an Entrepreneur and supported by a team of developers, designers and business professionals


The outpost team thinks and works like a startup, shifting company culture and tapping into new opportunities that most companies would not otherwise have. They quickly prototype new ideas, because technology is changing everything and the pace of business is faster than ever before. Each outpost is unique to the needs of the company.

An Innovation Outpost is an external, arm’s-length think (and do) tank, where large organizations work together with smart entrepreneurial people to solve complex business problems without the corporate HQ restrictions.

Large corporations are good at scaling, brand, processes, and channels. Startups excel at experimentation, testing, learning from failures and customer feedback, and creating innovative solutions and new products.

Why Volta?

Volta is the centre of gravity for technology entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada. Our unique community of innovators has the right mix of expertise in areas such as cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, AI, enterprise solutions, gaming, data science, social media, software development, SaaS solutions, and more.

By setting up an Innovation Outpost at Volta, your team becomes part of this community – learning, collaborating, and tapping into talent that allows you to develop groundbreaking solutions for your business.

Atlantic Lottery & Volta

Volta partnered with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation in 2016 to create Atlantic Canada’s first Innovation Outpost, based on the Communitech model in Waterloo, Ontario.

This program supports large scale innovation and disruption of the lottery industry – and they’ve already seen success!

Their first product, Winvelope is in market and, with their second product, Poolparty in the pilot stage, ALC renewed for another three years of Corporate Innovation at Volta.

Be an Innovation Leader in your industry!

  • Operate like a lean startup: efficiently and effectively
  • Immerse your team in a culture of tech innovation and creativity where entrepreneurship is the norm
  • Watch as new business ideas and solutions are generated outside of corporate inertia


Volta’s Innovation Outpost offers:

  • Dedicated space in the heart of Halifax’s Innovation District
  • Direct recruitment support for your Outpost team
  • Access to tech talent
  • Custom innovation services
  • Strategic events for your company, hosted by Volta
  • Branding at all Volta events

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