As Nova Scotia faces the challenge of fostering entrepreneurship, Halifax-based startup GoFullSteam is taking action by giving their business planning platform to local entrepreneurs free of charge.

“For the sake of our economy, we need to break down the barriers that are holding back small business in Nova Scotia,” said Emily Richardson, GoFullSteam’s founder and CEO. “It’s not enough to say we’re going to encourage entrepreneurship. We need to get specific. We need to take action.”

That action includes giving a province-wide free pass to software that helps entrepreneurs quickly and easily work through the most important elements of planning their businesses. GoFullSteam offers a powerful financial planner that can connect users to local startup funding, an online pitch builder, and a comprehensive business strategy template.

The company’s decision to help fellow entrepreneurs stems from participating in a startup showcase coordinated for the One Nova Scotia Coalition in March. The Coalition is working on a ten-year plan to address the economy, part of which includes a target rate of 4,200 new business startups per year.

“They’re moving in the right direction, but we’re in a unique position to take fast action,” said Richardson. “For us, that means making sure any Nova Scotian with a business idea has the information, tools, and support they need to get started at the click of a button.”

GoFullSteam signature product is a financial planner that walks entrepreneurs through calculating startup costs, budgeting for operating expenses, and forecasting sales. Upon completion, the user can instantly connect with one of the East Coast Credit Union’s lending services to discuss funding options.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GoFullSteam to simplify the process of starting a successful business in Nova Scotia,” said Ken Shea, President and CEO. “We’re looking forward to working with more entrepreneurs as they turn their ideas into reality.”

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