More companies from outside Atlantic Canada are looking to the region for opportunities to grow.

Having launched Corporate Membership just under two weeks ago, Volta is excited to welcome our first Out of Town member, VanHack. The Vancouver-based company is an online community with over 180,000 technology professionals who are interested and ready to work abroad.

VanHack helps companies like Accenture, and ZenDesk hire tech talent they otherwise couldn’t access. In addition to helping tech professionals find work and companies find talent, VanHack offers online classes aimed at assisting professionals boost employability by developing things such as English, interview skills and work portfolios.

As a part of their membership, VanHack will not only join our community of innovators, they will also gain access to insight about and engage with the East Coast innovation ecosystem.

“We partnered with Volta to get involved with Halifax’s innovation community,” said Ash Kumar, VanHack’s Growth Director for Eastern Canada. “The Atlantic region has had quite a few tech exits in the last several years, and Halifax is an emerging hub for innovation in the country. We look forward to being a part of Volta’s community and the growth happening there right now.”

As a completely remote team, VanHack is interested in the Network Memberships that come with the Corporate Membership package, giving their employees access to our coworking space. VanHack has already partnered with tech hubs in major cities across Canada, and hopes that in the future, some of their community members can call Halifax home.

Volta is proud to be a first point-of-contact for innovative companies looking to expand their presence in Atlantic Canada.

“VanHack has deep expertise in bringing top tech talent to Canada – they will be a great partner for East Coast startups and growth stage companies,” said Chris Crowell, Volta’s VP of Corporate Innovation. “We are thrilled that they see the potential to grow their business in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.”

Volta’s Corporate Membership packages are designed to suit the needs of companies no matter where they are on their innovation journey or where they’re located. If you’re interested in learning more about Corporate Membership at Volta visit:

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