Volta is thrilled to welcome five new Resident Companies to its space in downtown Halifax. Those companies include DevScript Inc., Motryx, ReelData, Talkatoo and Finazz.

“In my first month at Volta, I connected with more than 70 people, participated in the inaugural Pitch@Palace, gained mentorship, networks and support,” David Pratt, CEO and Founder at DevScript Inc., said. “I found an unexpected path forward with others that believe in my vision. It’s as though someone pressed the fast-forward button. I am grateful for this amazing community and the opportunity I have here to build a business.”

DevScript Inc. is hard at work developing software that drives creativity and innovation in the workplace, with products such as HyperSpark, that helps small businesses create information technology without programming and using artificial intelligence.

Halifax-based startup, Motryx, formerly known as the Maritime Biologgers, join the space with a focus on improving the transportation of blood samples using hardware and software solutions. ReelData, a team comprised of computer scientists, biologists and aquaculture specialists, are developing artificial intelligence software for feed cameras to measure biomass, sea lice and health data in real time to deliver predictive insights to aquaculture clients. Talkatoo, a cross-platform voice to text software company, is another new addition, led by serial entrepreneur Shawn Wilkie. The Finazz team is developing a software that weaves creative analysis technology and business strategy together to help users better understand their finances.

During a Champagne Welcome event on Wednesday, April 17, supported by LaBarge Weinstein, the Volta community gathered in the Event Space to formally welcome the new companies.

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