Halifax, NS – August 26, 2014DemoCamp Halifax, an event designed to showcase the products of the most innovative Atlantic Canadian technology companies, will be held again on 24th of September 2014 at the Dalhousie Kenneth C. Rowe building starting 7 PM.

“DemoCamp 2014 will feature six live product demos, four lighting talks and a keynote speaker making it a very action-packed and intense two hours,” said Rachael Craig of AtlanticSpark, this year’s DemoCamp organizer.

Volta Labs, a Halifax startup house will provide logistical and community support for the event. “We are very happy to support and promote DemoCamp Halifax. It’s slowly becoming a part of our ecosystem heritage. A lot of up-and-coming Halifax startup companies have demonstrated their products first at DemoCamp,” said Milan Vrekic, Executive Director of Volta Labs.

According to the event website, presentation slides are not allowed and demos must focus on explaining product benefits, not features. 

The audience will be given five minutes after every pair of demos to ask questions and provide feedback to the demonstrating companies and the crowd will also be educated in a series of lighting talks that will be only five minutes as well and will focus on getting “Coles notes” tips on startup-critical skills such as bootstrapping, startup marketing and designing for data. 

Highlight of the event will be a keynote by J.P. Morgan of Morgan Solar, a hardware startup veteran working on reinventing solar technology.

Event will wrap up at 9 PM with an after-party at the Rebecca Cohn Sculpture Court, also on the Dalhousie campus.

For registration and full program details please visit  democamphalifax.com

For more details contact:

Rachael Craig

902 880 8805

About / Stats:

DemoCamp Halifax

Website: DemoCampHalifax.com

Twitter: @democampHFX

Website: AtlanticSpark.com

Twitter: @AtlanticSpark

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