Health QR has developed a strategy to streamline many of the everyday hassles of medication management with Your Health Report. The app allows patients to easily access the information they already legally own, without the traditional industry barriers.

Your Health Report automatically updates records every time the patient changes or renews medications, while also tracking their medication schedule with reminders. Health QR wants to narrow the medication gap to give patients and their loved ones peace of mind.

Nearly 41 per cent of Canadians take prescription drugs. With a big market and even bigger potential, Health QR is seizing the opportunity to help Canadians, starting at local pharmacies.

“Medication management is a multi-billion dollar problem, not just for drugstores or pharmacies, but also for pharmaceutical companies,” explains Patricia Ryan, CEO and founder of Health QR. “When you’re not taking your medications on time, chances are you get sick or end up worsening your disease, so it will end up costing the healthcare system billions of dollars.”

Patricia says that the pharmaceutical industry is moving towards a clinical focus and away from their dispensing role. The onus has shifted to the patient to complete the day-to-day medical tasks and paperwork, which can mean complicated processes for the patient.

“We’re looking at efficiencies that will allow the pharmacists to digitize things like informed consent forms and forms they use to consult with experts to provide services,” says Patricia. “This will reduce the amount of paperwork. They’re very excited, because they book their time in the minutes.”

Pharmacists have had a larger scope over the past decade. They can provide injection services such as flu shots, prescribing treatments for minor ailments and even extend or reduce a patient’s prescriptions. Typically, pharmacies allow 24/7 access to medication for patients.

For Patricia, an important first step for Health QR was to foster a relationship with pharmacies rather than typical networking with the pharmaceutical drug companies. Within a year of substantial growth and aggressive sales targets, Health QR has developed the next phase of their platform by adding additional features to the product, such as improved pharmacy workflows, customer engagement, and enhanced integration with the Your Health Report app.

For up to two weeks per month, Patricia spends her time at Health QR’s second office at the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario. This location is used to network with the big names in the industry, since many have head offices in Mississauga.

Since Your Health Report launched last year, Health QR has partnered with over 18 pharmacies throughout Atlantic Canada and has only been gaining more traction, one pharmacy at a time.

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