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Leading Entrepreneurs to an Accelerator Path

Founders who participate in the LEAP Program will undergo intensive workshops and training sessions to equip themselves with the tools and business techniques to take their company from early stage startup to accelerator-ready. 

LEAP will run every quarter – scheduled around intake timelines for leading accelerators such as Creative Destruction Lab, Techstars, and Y Combinator, over a one-month period. The majority of sessions will be completed remotely at the founder’s convenience. 

The first step for founders will be to participate in an information session with up to 45 attendees. Next, 15 to 20 select companies will attend a two-day preparatory workshop in-person at Volta, to start the process of becoming accelerator-ready. Finally, after being narrowed down to six companies, those select founders will participate in remote/intensive, follow-up sessions; those who are not selected will receive monthly, remote check-ins with the facilitator, Toon Nagtegaal.

The program will be deemed a success when more Atlantic Canadian companies make the leap from early-stage to growth-stage; doing so at a faster rate. LEAP will be operated by Volta, and offered to Atlantic Canadian Founders to help expand their horizons and return to Atlantic Canada where they will create better, more innovative companies.

Volta will be offering this program to eligible Founders at no cost to the participant.

Are you ready to take the LEAP?

Step One

Attend an information session. Learn more about the LEAP program and ask the program’s facilitator, Toon Nagtegaal, questions at an upcoming session.

Step Two

Select Founders will be invited to attend Preparatory Workshops in-person at Volta, or remotely.


Step Three

Participating Founders will meet with Toon Nagtegaal for Follow-up Training Sessions. These can take place in person or remotely.

About the Facilitator: Toon Nagtegaal

Toon Nagtegaal has – all of his working life – been involved in the development and growth of companies, either as a venture capitalist or a consultant. He was a Co-Founder of Atlas Venture and p3 technology partners, managing director of Holland Venture and a VP Investments of GrowthWorks. He invested in early and later stage companies in Europe, North America and Israel. He served on the board of more than 25 companies. Toon was an executive board member of the European Venture Capital Association from 1995 to 1998, responsible for the events and training courses.

Since 2007, Toon has been fully dedicated to assisting Atlantic Canadian companies in their preparation for growth and financing. From 2007 until 2019, he worked with more than 300 companies, and also provides supportive training and mentorship for CDL Atlantic.

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