New Angel Investor Group forms in Halifax to increase access to capital for early stage technology companies.

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Halifax, NS – Startup veterans and early stage technology investors announced today the formation of a new angel investor group. Lead by Tom MacLaren ,Shawn Carver & Permjot Valia, the new group seeks to make access to early stage capital easier in Atlantic Canada, by establishing and growing relationships between investors and Entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis, instead of focusing on the pitch day, which is traditionally the case.

In another refreshing move, Atlantic Angel Group will not be taking any fees from the Entrepreneurs they fund. “We want our companies to succeed. We believe that every dollar we take from the Entrepreneur is a dollar we take from their chances for success”, said Valia and concluded “So we decided to take none!”

The new angel group will be working closely with local startup houses and accelerators, including Volta and Launch36. Trevor MacAusland, executive director of Launch36, a New Brunswick based startup accelerator expressed support for a new angel group early on. “This is another positive step forward for the entire region. In Atlantic Canada access to smart early stage capital is limited. Atlantic Angel Group will assist our founders in working locally and executing globally.”

The first meeting of the Atlantic Angel Group is scheduled for October the 22nd and several opportunities have already been identified by the group, which has attracted signups from over 30 investors for their first meeting.

More details about the Atlantic Angel Group can be found on their website

Contact details:
Permjot Valia
Atlantic Angels

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