You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know it exists. In our busy world, important local social issues can often go unnoticed. Not because people don’t care, but when we’re inundated by news
from across the globe, it’s easy for issues in our own communities to become invisible and get ignored.

Halifax, for instance, is a vibrant and growing city. But not all residents have enjoyed the benefits of our city’s innovation and growth. In fact, more than 58,000 people are being held back as they struggle daily to maintain their basic needs. This can make them feel isolated, helpless, and uncertain of what’s to come.

Poverty, homelessness and social isolation are issues that are negatively impacting Halifax. They are preventing us from reaching our full potential and solving them requires the dedication and commitment of the entire community.

To highlight these important issues and engage people on how they can show their local love and find ways to help, United Way recently launched Unignorable. Working in partnership with the
Pantone® Color Institute™, Unignorable is a brand new colour that has been developed to specifically highlight local issues and bring attention to the thousands in our city who are impacted. The campaign also draws on a long tradition of using art for social change by featuring custom images designed by world-renowned illustrator Malika Favre.

Building on this exciting campaign launch, the opportunity to collaborate for social change is also one of the reasons why United Way is pleased to be working with Volta and the Halifax Assistance Fund (HAF) on two events that celebrate social innovation in our community – the Harold Crowell Social Innovation Awards and an upcoming Social Innovation Summit.

When it comes to creating solutions to problems, there is a lot that the social sector can learn from the business and tech start-up communities. With both of these events, our goal is to create opportunities for people from different sectors to come together, learn from each other, share ideas and foster an active culture of social innovation that can have meaningful impact in Halifax Regional Municipality.

If you want to learn more about how you can make local issues like poverty unignorable and join other Volta members by supporting social innovation happening in our community, check out these events.

#UNIGNORABLE at Nocturne
Saturday October 13, 6PM-Midnight
FBM | HS1-1660 Hollis Street

Harold Crowell Social Innovation Awards Ceremony
Wednesday, November 14, 5:30-7:30 PM

Social Innovation Summit
Saturday, November 24, 10AM-1PM

This blog is was published on behalf of our community partner United Way Halifax.

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