One of the most exciting events for any developer or tech enthusiast is a hackathon. It is a melting pot of new ideas and innovative applications. This month’s Volta Hackathon had projects ranging from a math visualizer to an exclusive service for gamers to chat with their friends while watching videos. The hackathon applications displayed the talent and diversity of local developers.

The event began Friday, January 17 at 5:00 p.m. and the deadline was set for Sunday, January 19 at 5:00. There were close to 40 participants, the vast majority being developers. Before the teams got started, GoInstant showcased their real-time collaborative software, which the developers could use during the hackathon.

Pixel featured their small mobile printers, which are designed to work with smartphones, tablets and computers, to print everything from photos to receipts on the go. Saint Mary’s University also made ten Rasperry Pi’s available for hackathon participants to use.

With participants spread throughout the Volta offices, and many pizzas and energy drinks on the way, the teams got down to work. Guests also visited the Volta offices to cheer on their friends and share in the excitement.

48 hours later, at the 5:00 deadline, all seven teams demonstrated their unique new applications. The hackathon applications were judged by the participants. Each participant voted on the best two ideas, based on the demonstrations.

Two teams emerged victorious, in a tie. MicroCent is an application which allows people to donate small amounts of money to their favorite contributing developer through the developer’s website. The same amount is also donated to the developer’s charity of choice. Boost, the other winning application, works like a technical fingerprint. It tracks a recurring user’s keyboard and mouse movements to help authenticate that user on a particular website. The prize for each winning team was a Nexus 7 tablet.

All the teams had an exciting weekend working on their inventive applications, and we look forward to the next Volta Hackathon! The ideas that spring from these events show the passion and dedication of local developers and others in the tech community. A big thank you and congratulations to all who participated!

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