So many things to do, so little sunshine.

With summer in full swing, we Haligonians know it doesn’t last long.  

You don’t have to let the summer sunshine waste away. You have tans to build and ice coffees and teas to drink! Luckily, with these outdoor spots in Halifax, you can take advantage of fun in the sun, all while getting your work done.

1. Uncommon Grounds    

Uncommon Grounds, located both on 1030 South Park Street and in the Public Gardens, offers outside patios for those beautiful hot, sunny days you just can’t stand to be inside. Surround yourself with the beautiful flowers of the Public Gardens or the quiet of South Park Street.

Bonus, you might get to pet one of the adorable fluffy dogs that are always being walked near by. What a stress reliever.

Grab one of the best-made muffins in Halifax, a coffee, and some free Wi-Fi and get cracking at that to-do list!


2. Halifax Central Library  

As beautiful outside as it is inside, we can now re-visit the library as an outdoors working space.

Enjoy the luxury of sunbathing while you work on their rooftop patio, overlooking the Halifax Harbour.

Too quiet for you? The library also has ample amount of seating around the building facing Spring Garden Road and Queen Street as well.  

Snacks and coffee are never too far out of reach, with Pavia Espresso Bar & Café serving up delicious treats and coffee straight from Italy on both the top and bottom floors.

Cozy up in one of the brightly painted chairs in the shade, or sun, get some Wi-Fi, chill out, and get work done.



3. Seaport Farmers Market

Did you know the Seaport Farmers Market located on 1209 Marginal Road, has a rooftop patio? It’s a little known secret to those who stumble across it in the warmer months.

Frequented by cruise ship passengers and Haligonians alike, the rooftop is now open for the season, offering beautiful views of Georges Island and McNabs Island.

If you happen to have groceries you need to pick up later, you can multitask and grab those while you are here with one of the many vendors!

Lounge in one of the huge colourful (and surprisingly comfy) chairs and let all of the office stress melt away.

Sunscreen not included.


4. Halifax Waterfront  

Why not take your work down to the boardwalk this summer?

The abundance of chairs, benches, patios, and hammocks strung along the Halifax Waterfront are waiting for you!

If you like it a little quieter, head down toward the Port of Halifax where they have some chairs hidden around the building.

Downtown is also strewn with cafes, ice cream, food trucks, and more. Stop along the way to pick up a snack before you crack down with the work. Once you’re comfy, connect to the free Wi-Fi and watch things roll off your list as gentle as the waves.


5. Point Pleasant Park

Need to write a blog, brainstorm an idea, or design a poster? This is your place.

This 75-hectare wooded park in the south end of Halifax includes 39 km of trails to wander while you brainstorm. Since being in nature is proven to clear your mind and allow you to think more creatively, this makes Point Pleasant Park the spot to be to get tough tasks done.

This national historic park doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, so let the beauty of the trees, old forts, harbour, and squirrels inspire your re-energized mind with creativity.

You could even bring some peanuts for your newfound fuzzy friends and let those creative juices flow!


6. Halifax Commons

The Halifax Commons, the big green space in the middle of our city, is the oldest urban park in Canada. Though only 1/3 of the original land remains, it’s still big enough to attract plenty of  Haligonians in the warmer months.

This is the perfect spot to lounge and get your tan on; bring a blanket to stretch out on, pack some snacks, and don’t forget your shades! You can even take a well-deserved break and take up some old-fashioned roller-skating at the Emera Oval.

Watch out for flying frisbees as your fingers fly away on your keyboard, cracking down on your to-do list.


7. Halifax Citadel Hill

Here is another one of the giant green spaces in the middle of our beautiful city. This national historic park beckons Haligonians and tourists alike to lounge on the sides of the hill in the warmer months. This site is another great outdoors spot to work, even if there is no WiFi. You can still enjoy both scenery and the summer warmth while you get work done.

Keep your eyes peeled when dusk arrives. Haligonians claim there’s a ghost haunting the hill.


8. Seven Bays

This 6000 sq. Ft. facility that calls 2019 Gottingen Street home, and hosts its own 120ft bouldering wall, licensed cafe, and outdoor patio. What better choices could you ask for? Seven Bays is your perfect spot to have it all.

Open seven days a week, bring your work with you while you sit on their patio, enjoying the sunshine and the sights and sounds of Gottingen Street.



9. Humani-T Cafe

Go Shawty! It’s Sherbert Day!

Quirky and health conscious, Humani-T is the home of the homemade, all-natural gelato.  You can find more than 100 flavours at 1451 South Park Street in the Trillium building and 5755 Young St in the North End.

Connect to their Wi-Fi on their quiet backyard patio (or the garden balcony on Young Street!) while you dive into all of your work and the many choices of tea, coffees and snacks.

Have you ever heard of a Skor bar latte? If not, add that to your ‘must try’ list, ASAP.

You’re working hard, checking all those things off your list, you deserve those treats. It’s okay, have another. As Humani-T says “treat yourself well.”


But what if it’s just too hot to work outside?

If sunshine isn’t your thing, there is always a spot for you here at Volta. Without sacrificing views, escape the heat and get your work done inside in the cool AC. It’s easy and free to sign up. Fill out this quick form and be welcomed to our galaxy.

With so many outdoor spots to work around Halifax, there is no reason you should have to miss any of the summer sunshine. So pack up your things, grab your shades, and head on out of the office. Bonus points for inviting your boss along.

The best thing is, all these outdoor places are only a few feet away from Volta, making coming and going a breeze.

Visit our network membership page to learn more and to book a tour today!

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