If you’re a woman in the business world, you may already know the statistics: 50% of the population sit on the sidelines of venture capital: Under-funded, under-supported and under-celebrated. Only 4% of venture funding is invested in women-led innovation. These statistics have remained stagnant for decades, but the Radical Generosity movement by SheEO aims to grow the percentage through democratized venture capital and local change to create a global impact.

Apply with your venture by November 30

SheEO is the network you’ve been waiting for! Join a community of radically generous women who:

  • Support your success,  
  • Open their vast networks,
  • Share their expertise,
  • Leverage their buying power for your products and services,
  • Offer capital in the form of a low-interest loan on a five-year term and
  • Provide one-year of world-class coaching and support.

If you have a Canadian women-led venture (majority women-owned) with over $50,000 in revenue in the past year, apply for funding, mentorship and a network of door-opening opportunities. The deadline for applications is November 30 at 11:59 p.m.


More about SheEO and #RadicalGenerosity

Help found a new venture capital model in Canada

SheEO’s mission is to create a global fund of over $1 Billion by 2020 through activators. Activators are everyday women that invest $1,100 into their regional fund. This fund invests in women-led ventures and actively supports them with low-interest loans, a guided development program and access to a global network of female investors, advisors and customers.

Thousands of members of SheEO across the world commit a $1,100 contribution. 90% of their contributions are loaned to women-led ventures, and reinvested perpetually. Lead the global impact with thousands of members to create a new, democratized venture capital model to fund, support and celebrate women and their ventures.

Apply as an Activator today!

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