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Volta’s vibrant community of innovators includes more than 60 Alumni Companies that are helping propel the Atlantic Canadian innovation ecosystem forward. The Volta Alumni program is designed to keep companies engaged and continue to support them after they graduate from Volta Residency.

Alumni Founders and their companies stay involved with our community through events, programs, and speaking and mentorship opportunities. 

Alumni Founders receive a complimentary Network Membership. Contact services@voltaeffect.com for more information.

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Ways to get involved:


Alumni Founders can utilize Volta’s co-working space weekdays from 9am-5pm, receive four hours of meeting room usage per month and an additional 50% off additional room bookings.


We’re always looking for experienced entrepreneurs to facilitate a workshop, lead a Volta Academy session, judge a pitch competition or share stories at an event.


Become a mentor through our mentorship program, participate in a peer-to-peer event, or attend one of our social functions.

Get Involved:

To get in touch, please email services@voltaeffect.com

Alumni Companies


Focus: Fantasy Draft for Golfers

6Joes‘ unique software takes all the popular elements of Draft Fantasy Sports and delivers them to the palm of every amateur golfer in the world.


Focus: Corporate health

Addo takes a proactive approach to health in the workplace through our gamified and social platform. Every employee has a profile where they earn points for healthy habits. Employees can see their results in real time, track their progress, compete against other co-workers, and form teams to compete against one another.


Focus: Learning

ADDvocacy delivers on-demand text-based learning strategies with peer coaches.


Focus: Mobile Advertising Disruption

The AdLyft team has developed a software platform that facilitates the creation and distribution of incentivized, interactive, engagement based advertising within applications that users already have on their devices. We verify the user actively participated in an advertisement and greatly reward them for giving us their undivided attention. Brands, publishers, and users all win.


Focus: Beauty

Adorify is creating a two sided platform; one side offers a mobile application to users that simplifies cosmetic ingredients, and on the other side, it provides market assessment to beauty manufactures.

agora mobile

Agora Mobile

Focus: Development social network

Agora Mobile is a social network for mobile app discovery, development, and deployment. We create technology that enables anyone from consumers to companies to build their own mobile apps. These apps are created entirely in our social network and conform to modern mobile browser standards enabling them to be cross platform to all smart phones and deployed to the web instantly without the need of any app store.

Analyze Re

Focus: Financial Tech

Analyze Re uses deep industry experience to provide pricing and risk management software for the reinsurance industry. Their innovative SaaS platform employs high performance computing and big data analysis to unlock a holistic view of risk, enabling reinsurers to make smarter decisions, minimize their risk and maximize their profits in real-time.


Focus: Environment

Arolytics is developing web applications to help production and manufacturing industries cost-effectively manage and mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases and air toxics.


Focus: Big Data

Athletigen provides fitness enthusiasts, high performance athletes, coaches and health professionals with genetic information related to athletic-traits. This information is processed by their proprietary bioinformatic algorithm and the results are used to optimize fitness plans, elite athlete performance and physician prescribed exercise.



Focus: Software

Atomo is a simple Customer Research platform for B2B SaaS.

Axem Neurotechnology

Focus: Medical Devices

Axem Neurotechnology is developing the first brain sensing device for neurorehabilitation. Axem Neurotechnology’s first product empowers stroke patients to carry out rehabilitation at home with remote support from their healthcare professional, while offering providers a new revenue stream and actionable patient data powered by proprietary neurotechnology.

B-Line Analytics

Focus: Mobility Survey Platform

B-Line Analytics is a mobility survey platform that helps environmental consultants and organizations easily and affordably collect occupant mobility data to improve building occupants’ health, achieve green building certifications, and enhance biking and transit infrastructure within cities, helping citizens to get to work faster.



Focus: Athletic Training

Bereda gives endurance athletes a framework to easily build and update customized training plans in line with modern training theory.

BlackWatch Tech

BlackWatch Tech

Focus: Ocean

BlackWatch.Tech produces innovative safety equipment and is currently developing a few products, including a man-overboard device for fishermen.


Focus: Marketplace for Hairstylists

Bright offers a combination of on-site and virtual services. The services range from physical and personal to lifestyle to engage all types of employees and team members.


Focus: Rural renting marketplace

Bungalo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for renting out rural properties such as cottages, cabins, farmhouses, huts and chalets. Today the company has grown to become the largest of its kind in Iceland and is now expanding into Canada with the goal of becoming a market leader.


Focus: Funding platform for students

Bursity.ca is developing a web platform that helps post-secondary students pay their tuition by finding and applying for financial awards in a few easy steps. Their platform uses one universal form to connect students to more than two-million funding opportunities.


Focus: Financial Technology

CacheFlo offers Behavioural Cash Flow Management tools that help Financial Institutions help their clients manage spending and get more life from their money.

Cape Privacy

Focus: Machine Learning Platform

Cape Privacy (formerly Dropout Labs) is a platform for secure, privacy-preserving machine learning.


Focus: IoT Hardware

CogPro is focused on making small household electrial appliances – thermostats, telephones, stereos, and more – primarily for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. These smart devices work in any old home with electricity and telephone connections – no WiFi needed. Their JeevesTM products operate unobtrusively to avoid common user mistakes, customized and monitored by the caregiver. Designed for familiarity and simplicity, their products will ensure a secure, satisfying and less stressful quality of life for both user and caregiver.



Focus: Vision Care

Coloursmith develops innovative contact lens and glasses technologies for the modern world.



Focus: Programming education

Compilr is an online platform that allows developers to write and learn code all from the comfort of their web browser.  Compilr has built one platform that integrates cloud based software development tools under one roof, delivering an experience no offline solution could ever provide.

Compilr was acquired by Lynda.com in 2014.

Dash Hudson

Focus: Brand engagement

Dash Hudson is a visual intelligence platform working with the world’s best brands and publishers to create, source, measure and enhance the engagement of their photos and videos.

Deprolabs Technology

Focus: IoT Hardware

Deprolabs Technology designs, develops, and produces a wide range of smart electronic devices in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation systems.


Focus: Information Technology

DevScript makes technology that helps investors gain real time insight into their portfolio to drive better decisions and increase return on investment.


Focus: Clean OceanTech/Data

The Dingbot team designs and operates automated boats for collecting data on the water.


Focus: Video augmentation

DraftCAM  applies superhuman vision to any video turning your smartphone or webcam into a powerful tool that detects leaks normally invisible to the naked eye.

Dragon Veterinary

Focus: Voice Recognition Technology

Dragon Veterinary is an industry shaping software made by vets for vets. Their voice-recognition software has the largest veterinary-specific vocabulary on the market. They integrate with vets’ current systems, allowing users to dictate instead of typing. This saves the average veterinarian hours daily, and thousands of dollars annually.


Focus: Email optimization and analytics

EmailOpened uses Adaptive Email Technologies (AET) to keep your emails out of the spam folder…. and the trash.  Email Opened takes care of all this. Email Opened also gives you advanced email analytics that help you to boost your opens, clicks, conversions, and profits.


Focus: Ocean Technology

eOceans helps marine scientists, communities, and decision-makers make real-time discoveries that keep pace with business, society, and ocean change. For the oceans. For us.

Food for Thought Software Solutions

Focus: Food Insecurity

Food for Thought Software Solutions helps Canadian children access nutritious food through food initiative programs while reducing the stigma around food insecurity. 


Focus: Agritech

FoodByte is focusing on increasing the capacity and efficiency of their customers by making it faster, cheaper, and easier to develop and manage a modern food safety program so neither profits nor food safety need be compromised.


Focus: Fundraising analytics

Fundmetric segments and tracks donors while providing personalized, auto-responsive and statistically effective donor experience for any organization that requires fundraising.

Gibli Tech

Focus: Aerodynamics

Gibli Tech is developing a revolutionary sensor that provides cyclists and triathletes with real-time aerodynamic feedback while training or racing to optimize their riding position and see upwards of 20 per cent efficiency gains.



Focus: Entrepreneur support

GoFullSteam’s quick and easy tools give entrepreneurs what they need to succeed. Painlessly prepare financial projections, create dynamic business blueprints, and get back to doing what you love with confidence.

Habit Forming Technologies

Focus: Health

Habit Forming Technologies is creating a growth management system using persuasive technology, sentiment analysis + human interaction, to provide individualized solutions that melds physical + mental health. 


Focus: Construction Workforce Analytics

Harbr captures workforce performance and quality metrics through key engagements with Site Managers while making their job easier and more efficient. Workforce analytics provides critical insight into the job site for decision-makers.

Interview Rocket

Focus: Job candidate pre-screening

Interview Rocket is an online job candidate pre-screening tool, using captured video responses. Their solution allows recruiters to save considerable time on tasks such as arranging appointments, working across time zones, and managing large volumes of candidates.


Focus: Social/analytical network

Introhive is the relationship capital platform. Introhive unlocks the connections and relationships within a company to help sales and marketing understand and reach customers. This results in better account intelligence and more meetings, not just more data.


Focus: Artificial Intelligence

KorrAI Technology Inc. is a technology company that enables mining companies to make smarter exploration and extraction decisions using AI.



Focus: Social platform

Layers is a platform for people to communicate their thoughts layered over images. Layers provides people with tools to better articulate their thoughts and sentiments directly on images. From memes and social images to the annotation of academic articles, or business documents, Layers is providing a unique and refined method of universal expression.

Machina Metrica

Focus: Industry maintenance platform

Machina Metrica offers predictive maintenance solutions for industry. This SaaS platform helps prevent breakdown before it happens by applying advanced analytics on historical and real-time machine data to detect and diagnose fault patterns.



Focus: Developer Tooling

Manifold gives developers and engineering teams the freedom to use their favorite essential services with any cloud. We make it really easy to find, buy, and manage developer services like email, storage, and logging outside the confines of the monocloud so teams no longer have to sacrifice quality and performance for ease of use.

MICC Financial

Focus: Finance

MICC Financial (Charlottetown, PEI) is a collaborative platform that helps groups of people save money, access capital and build credit.

Milk Moovement

Focus: Agritech/Dairy

Milk Moovement is a powerful tool that connects all players in the raw milk supply chain. Included are features for transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring and producer payment.

modest tree

Modest Tree

Focus: 3D interactive eLearning

The Modest Tree Suite of eLearning software represents a revolutionary method of creating 3D interactive courseware that will significantly reduce the amount of time and cost to create quality, interactive 3D training.

Notification API

Focus: Work

Notification API helps you to save months of dev work and deliver amazing notifications in 10 minutes.

OH&S Data Inc.

Focus: Health and safety platform

OH&S Data Inc. is a unique and up coming company who provides an effective SaaS tool allowing companies the ability to more thoroughly and efficiently manage their health and safety documents. Originally developed by one of OH&S’s founding partners, the system has been continuously improving ever since, meeting and exceeding expectation of current and prospective clients.



Focus: Contract management

Never lose track of your signed contracts again. PACTA turns your contracts into smart contracts through proactive contract management. Read more!

Peer Ledger

Focus: Blockchain Technology

Peer Ledger is a blockchain company specializing in blockchain products for initially the healthcare and precious metal and minerals sectors. It offers two products: (1) an identity bridge product suitable for high assurance sectors,  and (2) the Mimosi track-and-trace blockchain application for responsible (i.e. conflict-free) supply chains. 


Focus: Mobile printer

Pixel is a small mobile printer made to work with your phone, tablet or computer. Pixel is changing the way you work with your bluetooth enabled devices by creating ways of physically sharing moments and information. With Pixel, the software and APIs, you can print anything from photos to receipts all from the palm of your hand.

PLAEX Building Systems

Focus: Infrastructure

PLAEX Building Systems uses composite material to process a wide range of difficult to recycle thermal plastic waste. Encompassing a special mix of agricultural, marine and municipal plastic waste and dry aggregates, this is turned into a durable building system that can be used and reused in a wide range of low rise construction applications. 

Pocket Finance

Focus: Finance

Pocket Finance (Halifax, NS) is a personal finance management mobile application minimizing waste, highlighting banking fine print, and improving financial literacy.


Focus: CRM/ERP

Proof builds better communities with cloud-based software that helps governments deliver and track their spending. Their CRM and ERP tools provide governments the insights they need to deliver amazing service to citizens and businesses in their community.


Focus: Proposal writing software

Proposify is a SaaS-model web application that addresses the pain-points of proposal writing by offering an easy way to track and manage proposals, collaborate with teams, and create custom designed, re-usable templates so new proposals can be quickly assembled and less time spent on searching for content.


Focus: Waste Management

Recircle is a waste management company that remanufactures plastic waste into consumer and industrial products via our semi-industrial shredder, decontamination, injection, and extrusion machines. 


Focus: Ocean

ReelData offers remote monitoring technology for the aquaculture industry, allowing fish farms to know the biomass, appetite and welfare of finned fish in real time, without manual intervention.


Focus: AI Applications for Retail

RetailDeep helps retailers deliver amazing customer experience using AI to instantly identify individual customers in physical retail stores. The AI is able notify store associates with meaningful and actionable information, making the customer’s in store experience better.



Focus: Financial tool

RIDDL provides proprietary data to impact investors to guide better investment decisions.


Focus: B2B Sales Tool

SalesRight helps B2B SaaS sales professionals close more deals by arming them with interactive and intelligent pricing that enhances the buying experience and their bottom line.


Focus: Product Development

Savio helps software teams collect, analyze, and use qualitative customer feedback to build great products.

Site 2020

Focus: Traffic management

Site 2020 is creating a networked traffic management solution for road construction sites that increases safety while reducing overhead costs. The system networks smart portable traffic lights with a tablet computer, allowing a single employee to manage traffic safely and creating an innovative platform for communication on construction sites. Read more!


Focus: Medtech

SmartMed has created SmartShift, a tool that helps auto-schedule 800 shift positions in one minute, saving time and money.

Smooth Meal Prep

Focus: Health & Fitness

Smooth Meal Prep (Dartmouth, NS) delivers healthy fitness-focused meals provided by the community conveniently to your door.

Sparrow Acoustics

Sparrow Acoustics

Focus: Medtech

Sparrow Acoustics is making it possible for healthcare professionals to triage a cardiac patient in less than 10 minutes using only their software and an electronic stethoscope. The company combines a decade of auscultation research, with novel computer visualization, proprietary acoustic algorithms, and artificial intelligence.


Focus: Mood-learning music app

Capture a moment with music. Strings.fm uses a mood-learning algorithm to recommend the right songs for the right moment. Just log in with Facebook, pick a song you’ve been stoked on, and add a couple mood-matched songs to the playlist.

Swell Advantage


Focus: Smart Marina Platform

Swell provides deep analytics and automated operations support tools for marinas, boat clubs and government waterfronts focused on increasing revenue, decrease operational overhead, and providing a better customer experience.



Focus: Cleaning industry software

Swept develops software specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. Their software is designed for the unique challenges cleaning companies have when managing a large number of cleaners and clients with limited resources. Their communication-centric approach allows cleaning managers to identify issues before they become problems, which allows them to not only be more efficient, but more effective at their jobs.

Swiftsure Innovations

Focus: Health

Swiftsure Innovations Inc. (Pasadena, NL) develops products that benefit frontline workers, patients, and healthcare institutions overall.


Focus: Health

Symbi (acquired by Blue Charm Adherence) is a digital health company focused on remote patient monitoring in GI care.

The Rounds

Focus: Professional physician network

The Rounds is the first and largest credential-verified online professional network designed exclusively for Canadian physicians. With The Rounds, physicians can use any smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer to quickly and securely connect with their peers across all specialties and across the country. They support physicians in delivering faster, smarter treatment and in managing their own practice.


Focus: Online security

TitanFile is a secure file sharing application focused on creating better ways for people to communicate and collaborate online without having to worry about security and privacy.


Focus: Data analytics

topLog turns System Log data into intelligence. By utilizing state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques and providing an interactive user interface, topLog gives System Administrators better insight into what is happening to their IT resources.


TouchTilt Games

Focus: Video Games

TouchTilt Games creates educational games and simulations that focus on the child and parents’ wants and needs in a game without being a babysitter toy.


Focus: Mental Health

Tranquility is an online platform that makes getting evidence-based help for anxiety and depression: affordable, timely, stigma-free, personal, and accessible anytime/anywhere. Clients get access to the gold-standard: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and can receive guidance and support from their highly trained coaches.

Tribe Network

Focus: Networking & Innovation

Tribe Network is a digital platform where Black, Indigenous and People of Colour come to accelerate ideas, build communities and access opportunities.

Trip Ninja

Focus: Travel Technology

Trip Ninja has developed a unique search technology that leverages travelers flexibility to find savings on airfare. The technology is licensed to online travel agencies to help agents save time when searching multi-city routes, and increasing their multi-city conversion rates

Ubique Networks

Focus: Blockchain Technology

Ubique Networks delivers a blockchain-powered computing grid, and a lag-optimized and full automated esports solution for the gaming world.


Focus: Big data platform

Unicage is a proprietary UNIX shell script based development framework used by global key industry leaders that solves complex data integration and batch processing problems.


Focus: Education & Training

UP360 is building the future of Education & Training by building the tools and technology needed to make using and managing education in Virtual Reality easy.


Focus: Athletics platform

UpMyGame is a cross platform application that allows coaches and athletes to quickly shoot and share video clips and training tips. Their platform makes video accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere to assist coaches in delivering the best possible feedback to their athletes in realtime.



Focus: Freelance platform

In addition to helping women business owners find the best freelancers, Vendeve is the first freelancer platform where helping others and sharing your expertise is directly linked to getting more leads.


Focus: Data analytics

Vidsnippets offers flexible, intuitive video solutions that provide both Creators and Viewers with greater choice and control over how video are utilized and experienced.

VMOpro Inc.

Focus: Health

VMOpro Inc. is a remote physiotherapy solution that enables patients to self-manage their injuries and conditions at home. The platform combines smart PhysioBalls that communicate with a mobile app and is monitored by physiotherapists through a clinical dashboard.


Focus: Forestry procurement software

WoodsCamp procures timber via social networks and the web, unlocking sustainable forestry from non-industrial private land while building wealth for rural communities.


Focus: Landlord management platform

Zora gives landlords relief from stress by proactively scoring applicants, managing leases, obtaining repair quotes and a more. Read more!