Volta - Hoist


An opportunity for teens who are passionate about tech and entrepreneurship to develop skills

Hoist sessions are led by industry experts and are designed to help teens explore and expand their interests in technology and entrepreneurship. Workshops develop skills in areas like design, coding, game development, and much more. 

Hoist  sessions  take place one Saturday a month (with the exception of July, August and December) at the North Preston Community Centre, and are targeted for teens ages 12 to 19.

Topics change each month and are based on current trends, as well as the needs and interests of Hoist participants. This helps make each session unique and fun for the participants. Past sessions or topics have included:

  1. Unity + Scratch Video Game Design
  2. 3D Modeling + Printing
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. User Experience Design

The workshop begins with a light lunch, and then the instructor walks participants through the fundamentals of the subject matter.  After that it’s time to put what they have learned to practice. 

There is no experience needed to attend Hoist. Should you have a laptop please bring it to the session. If you do not own a laptop, we have a limited number available to borrow – just be sure to let us know when you register.

What Happens at Hoist?


A healthy light lunch will be provided. Should there be any dietary restrictions or food allergies please let us know when registering and we will do our best to accommodate.


At the beginning of the session the industry expert will teach you about the subject, how it works and what key features you need to know to apply your skills.


Spend the rest of the afternoon applying the lessons and skills that you’ve just learned! Mentors will be available during this time to help.


Reflect and discuss events of the day with your new friends, considering what aspects of the workshop you found challenging, exciting, and how you plan on using your new skills in the future.

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