What is Hoist?


Hoist is a unique tech club, powered by Volta, for young people who have an interest in startups, coding or web design. The program provides youth ages 12 to 19 with the opportunity to design their future through technology and entrepreneurship. Hoist is also tailored to the existing needs and interests of the teens in Halifax and surrounding areas.

Hoist meetups happen once a month at Volta. Sometimes, there are exclusive one-time events offered, such as an entrepreneurship class at a local university. We are also pleased to have several experts available, who volunteer their time to teach the group new skills. These mentors are also there to coach the teens during breakout sessions, and to answer any questions. After the provided free lunch, these new skills are put to the test, with different challenges each session. To keep the teens challenged and engaged, the monthly topics change, based on the interests of the club.

What happens at Hoist?



The first half-hour is a lesson from a pro on the topic of the day – App basics and brainstorm session, coding, mentoring and feature design sessions.


Enjoy some free pizza with your new friends.


Build or design something, apply what you just learned…it’s a mini-hackathon! Work in a group or on your own to create the next big product or service.


Reflect and discuss the day…what did you find challenging or exciting? Chill out and talk to your new pals about what you created!


When is the next Hoist session?

The next Hoist – North Preston session is happening on November 30, 2019. Register below or click here for more information on this month’s session.