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A place where teens come together to learn new skills, discover entrepreneurship + innovation

Hoist is a monthly meetup for teenagers, ages 12 to 19, who are eager to grow their skills and better understand concepts related to business, entrepreneurship and technology. One Saturday per month, industry experts lead engaging sessions for youth in two locations across Halifax Regional Municipality – at Volta and at the North Preston Community Centre.

Hoist sessions encourage teens to explore and expand their interest in technology and entrepreneurship by developing their skills in design, coding, product and game development, and much more. Topics change each month, based on current trends, as well as the needs and interests of Hoist participants; this also helps teens remain engaged and challenged with each session.   

The afternoon begins with a light lunch, and then the instructor walks participants through the fundamentals of the subject matter.   

Following the presentation, new skills are put to the test! Depending on the project or topic, teens will apply what they just learned individually or as a group, and mentors remain on hand to answer questions and provide direction.

Before the day’s out, teens regroup to discuss what they created, share any challenges they may have had and talk about the projects. Teens are encouraged to practice their skills at home, and keep an eye out for the next meetup!

There are no pre-requisites for Hoist. Please bring your laptop and charger to the session. If you do not own a laptop, we have a limited number available to borrow – just be sure to let us know when you register.

Hoist sessions do not take place in July, August or in December.

Are you interested in leading the next Hoist session?

Email our Events Manager at events@voltaeffect.com, outlining the topic you’d like to lead and your experience with the subject. After careful review, we will be in touch if the content is a good fit!

What Happens at Hoist?


The first half-hour is a lesson from an industry pro on the topic of the day; you’ll learn the ins and outs of the program, how it works and what key features you need to know to apply your skills.


When you’ve got the fundamentals down pat, there will be a short break to indulge in a healthy lunch and discuss what you’ve learned with your new friends and get to know everyone.


Spend the rest of the afternoon applying the lessons and skills that you’ve just learned! Work in a group or on your own to create the next big product or service.


Reflect and discuss events of the day with your new friends, considering what aspects of the workshop you found challenging, exciting, and how you plan on using your new skills in the future.

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