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Current Resident Companies


Focus: Environment

Arolytics is developing web applications to help production and manufacturing industries cost-effectively manage and mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases and air toxics.

Axem Neurotechnology

Focus: Medical Devices

Axem Neurotechnology is developing the first brain sensing device for neurorehabilitation. Axem Neurotechnology’s first product empowers stroke patients to carry out rehabilitation at home with remote support from their healthcare professional, while offering providers a new revenue stream and actionable patient data powered by proprietary neurotechnology.


Focus: Education

Binogi is a multilingual learning tool! Binogi provides teachers and students with local curricula in their language of choice. Using engaging animated videos and quizzes alongside useful analytics Binogi helps teachers and students succeed. Binogi, is a powerful tool for today’s diverse classroom. Education for all, from day one!


Focus: Booking platform for sports

Bloxo Inc. is a mobile and web-based platform that simplifies the process of organizing and participating in sports, by connecting organizers, players and facilities.

Blue Charm Adherence

Focus: Healthcare

Blue Charm Adherence is a healthcare company which provides patients with interactive self-help platforms that assist in managing health and medication adherence.


Focus: Funding platform for students

Bursity.ca is developing a web platform that helps post-secondary students pay their tuition by finding and applying for financial awards in a few easy steps. Their platform uses one universal form to connect students to more than two-million funding opportunities.



Focus: Cybersecurity

The Byos Endpoint Security Platform makes endpoint security for Zero Trust networks achievable and affordable. Byos gives IT teams comprehensive centralized endpoint management capabilities and as the only plug & play solution, the Byos Portable Secure Gateway protects endpoint devices using breakthrough Hardware-Enforced Network Isolation.


Focus: Timesheet Tracking

Clockk automates time tracking for professional services workers by privately and securely tracking what they work on, and organizing it by project.

Curv Health

Focus: Fitness & Health

Curv Health provides technology that allows health providers and fitness professionals to accurately and quickly calculate measurements within human movement, all from a mobile device.

Dear Life

Focus: Online Platform

Dear Life is a B2C technology startup focused on improving the way our lives get documented and showcased – “tell your story as beautifully as a life well lived.”


Focus: Energy Management for Remote Sites

Dugo enables wireless companies to save on OpEx and CapEx while keeping them informed of their cell towers energy related performance.

Electric Owl

Focus: Software

Electric Owl develops smart technology that combines plant science with computer science to help people grow food. An AI powered garden planning and coaching App on the front end, and a data aggregating, machine learning engine on the back end – It’s like having a personal gardener in your back pocket.


Focus: Agritech

FoodByte is focusing on increasing the capacity and efficiency of their customers by making it faster, cheaper, and easier to develop and manage a modern food safety program so neither profits nor food safety need be compromised.

Marine Thinking

Marine Thinking

Focus: Ocean

Marine Thinking is an AI-driven, big data company providing innovative insights to the seafood industry. They seamlessly integrate factories with big data, empowering client companies to stay at the forefront of changing demand and operating efficiency.

Milk Moovement

Focus: Agritech/Dairy

Milk Moovement is a powerful tool that connects all players in the raw milk supply chain. Included are features for transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring and producer payment.



Focus: Health

Motryx works with hospital laboratories across Europe and in North America to provide a quality control solution for pre-analytic blood transport.

Quantum Link

Focus: Consumer Goods/Retail

vlife is a Social Enterprise Platform connecting you with more of the small indie businesses that sustain & grow our communities – for a deeper local experience.


Focus: Ocean

ReelData offers remote monitoring technology for the aquaculture industry, allowing fish farms to know the biomass, appetite and welfare of finned fish in real time, without manual intervention.



Focus: Financial tool

RIDDL RIDDL provides proprietary data to impact investors to guide better investment decisions.


Focus: B2B Sales Tool

SalesRight helps B2B SaaS sales professionals close more deals by arming them with interactive and intelligent pricing that enhances the buying experience and their bottom line.

Side Door

Focus: Booking Platform

Side Door gives audiences instant access to intimate and unique events happening right in their own neighborhoods by matching artists with hosts who turn their private homes, businesses or alternative spaces into venues.

Sparrow Acoustics

Sparrow Acoustics

Focus: Medtech

Sparrow Acoustics is making it possible for health care professionals to triage a cardiac patient in less than 10 minutes using only their software and an electronic stethoscope. The company combines a decade of auscultation research, with novel computer visualization, proprietary acoustic algorithms, and artificial intelligence.


Focus: Health

Symbi is a digital health company focused on remote patient monitoring in GI care.


Focus: Speech-to-Text Software

Talkatoo provides speech-to-text software for professionals. The simple to use software works everywhere and cuts documentation time in half.


Focus: Mental Health

Tranquility is an online platform that makes getting evidence-based help for anxiety and depression: affordable, timely, stigma-free, personal, and accessible anytime/anywhere. Clients get access to the gold-standard: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and can receive guidance and support from their highly trained coaches.

Trip Ninja

Focus: Travel Technology

Trip Ninja has developed a unique search technology that leverages travelers flexibility to find savings on airfare. The technology is licensed to online travel agencies to help agents save time when searching multi-city routes, and increasing their multi-city conversion rates

How do I know if I’m ready?

You might be surprised how much residency will help you early on.

You don’t need a finished product. If your idea is validated and you have potential clients, we want to hear from you.

The point of residency is to get your company to Product/Market Fit. This can take up to two years, depending on the industry.

Our current Volta Residents and Alumni are in various stages of growth, so no matter what stage you’re in, apply. They all started in the same place you did.