ALC and VoltaSolve complex problems, lead prototyping, and establish an effective process to integrate new ideas into the organization.


Ever wonder what you’d do with an autonomous, hand-picked team of product design and development experts? What if you were backed by a large corporate organization, tasked with turning their demographic and product problems into market-based solutions and prototyped products?

Here’s the opportunity to find out: Apply to become Atlantic Lottery’s new Outpost Manager. We’re partnering to create the first Innovation Outpost in Atlantic Canada, and you’re invited.

What’s the scoop?

As the Outpost Manager, you’ll lead a team of at least three developers and a product lead to prototype new revenue streams, analyze and pivot existing products, find key insights from market analytics and discover ways to catalyze demographic research.

Why should I apply?

Do you love the sense of accomplishment you receive from working on complex marketing and development problems? Apply for Atlantic Lottery’s Outpost Manager position to share your creative expertise in the gaming and lottery sector.

You’ll also get to work with the Volta team on fun community events that will generate ideas, test existing games, and grow the existing community of passionate gamers in the region.

You’ll receive support from Atlantic Lottery and Volta to recruit your team, create a creative space in Volta and harness a community of founders, freelancers, gamers and students.

Who would rock in this role?

  1. A founder or manager of a startup looking for their next challenge to tackle,
  2. A leader in the tech community who understands the startup and corporate innovation models,
  3. A natural leader and creative thinker with a proven track record of marketing, product market fit and/or product development results,
  4. Someone who loves autonomy, team-focused projects and a solid challenge to work on.

How is the Outpost organized?

Atlantic Lottery and Volta are partnering to create the first Innovation Outpost in Atlantic Canada. The Outpost Manager is a crucial part of this experiment. The Outpost will begin as a 15-month contact to try out a model that has been tested and proven across Canada and worldwide, but will be implemented for the first time East of Montreal.

This outpost’s goal is to apply innovation methodologies to identify products, services and means of delivery to players. The result will be tangible prototypes ready for further testing and validation.

Why is ALC investing in innovation?

Ensuring responsible, sustainable revenues in today’s marketplace requires new and strategic thinking. We are operating in a mature industry. It demands we continually modernize our products and ensure we offer them in ways our players are demanding.

Where has this model worked before?

In cities across the country and around the world, shared spaces are being filled with startups and established companies to create an ecosystem of development. These labs are designed to provide a creative space for groups to come together and share ideas.

Established companies working through innovation outposts is not new. GM, Fairfax, Canadian Tire, Canon, TD, and Deloitte are seeing great results in growing their existing business through involvement with entrepreneurial thinking. We expect great things to come from this partnership, and the action starts with you!

Will this outpost effect Halifax’s tech community?

The innovation lab will give back to the Halifax tech community through collaboration, increasing resources available to founders, and creating a bridge between big companies and startups. Part of the relationship that Atlantic Lottery is pursuing is a contributor and benefactor of this innovation ecosystem.

Your role as the Outpost Manager will directly impact the tech community in Halifax. This is a great opportunity to give back while you manage a team of kickass talent to create new products in a startup environment.

So… Where do I apply?

Apply here!

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