When: July 25 – July 27

Register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/saasy-code-software-hackathon-tickets-12105226057

It’s time for a SaaSy Code Software Hackathon!!! Join us from Friday July 25th – Sunday July 27th for a weekend of fun, excitement and creativity! This is an open software hacakthon so all ideas are welcome!

Already have an idea?  That’s great!  Come experiment with ideas that you have been grappling with for fun new projects! Get a team together to help overcome some of the barriers that you’ve faced with getting that project off the ground! Mentors will be handy for advice, tips and chatting purposes.

Don’t have a project in mind?  That’s cool, join someone who does and provide your talent, feedback and assistance! Tone your skills and work with other software savvy individuals!

On Sunday we will have a panel of judges to hear the teams demo projects and choose the most innovative and challenging one.  There will be prizes for winners!

Remember that you’re at the Hackathon to have fun. Yes, it’s a competition but it’s also a place to experiment, meet interesting people, learn something new and build something from scratch. Just have fun!

Food and beverages will be provided throughout the entire event.

***Bring your Laptops!!***

***Hardware Hackers are welcome but please bring your own equipment!***

Some Project Ideas already in the making include:

1. Innovating with Bitcoin & cryptocurrency

2. Adalay3D will be here with a MakerBot 3D Printer working on a hardware project

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