What is SheEO?

SheEO is leading the charge on cultivating radical generosity and empowering female innovators, with a goal to reach 1 million Activators, 10,000 women-led ventures and a $1 billion perpetual fund to support women now and in the future.

It starts with shifting old mindsets…

SheEO believes we need an entirely new model to support female innovators, and that to create this new model, we have to shift our mindset. The startup world is evolving – more men and women are coming together to support female entrepreneurs. But, research shows men still typically receive the majority of venture capital.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, only seven percent of companies that received $20 million or more in funding between 2009 and 2015 were female-owned, and companies founded by females also received less money – about $77 million compared to male-led companies that received $100 million. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2016-who-gets-vc-funding/

But, thankfully, women are embracing entrepreneurship in greater numbers each year, especially with the support of organizations like SheEO.

How does SheEO work?

The organization’s radical new model to finance, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs brings together 500 women they call “Activators” in each cohort, who each contribute $1100 as an Act of Radical Generosity.

The money is placed into a pool and is used to offer low interest loans to five women-led ventures selected by the Activators. Loan repayments go back into the fund after five years and then loaned out again, creating a perpetual fund to pass on to future generations of female-led businesses.

All businesses receiving SheEO loans are revenue generating with export potential and work to create a better world through their business model, product or service. The 500 Activators act as a team for the five selected female-led companies, and according to SheEO, “bring their buying power as early customers, their expertise and advice and their vast networks to help grow the businesses.”


The results?

SheEO and their mission to champion radical generosity has helped:

  • Grow revenue by 500% for Toni Desrosiers, Founder of Abeego.com;
  • Grow revenue by 1100% for Lana Novikova, Founder of Heartbeatai.com;
  • Start a new fish processing plant to be built to support the increased member interest for Sonia Strobel from SkipperOtto.com; and
  • Secure a multi-year, six-figure deal to train employees with empathy skills for Ilana Ben-Ari of Twentyonetoys.ca.

And SheEO is only getting started!


What’s next?

Since launching in 2015, over 150 regions from all over the world applied to bring the SheEO model to places like Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe and areas in North America. And now, SheEO is bringing Radical Generosity to Volta for two national SheEO events this month.

How do I get involved?

Join SheEO and Volta on Oct. 19 for an exciting evening of networking, inspiration and #RadicalGenerosity. You’ll learn how SheEO is changing the landscape for female entrepreneurs, and find out how you can join our global network of women supporting women.

More of a morning person? Great! We’re also hosting a morning SheEO event on Oct. 20. Learn about SheEO, and receive your morning dose of inspiration from Karen Furneaux, a Canadian sprint kayaker, three-time Olympian and two-time World Champion, who will speak about the importance of women supporting women. You’ll also hear directly from Barb Alink of The Alinker Inventions Ltd., a female entrepreneur who was funded and supported by the SheEO network.

Interested in getting involved with SheEO? If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to grow your business, apply by Nov. 1, 2017 to be a SheEO-backed venture. Looking to support women-led companies? Sign-up to be a SheEO Activator today!

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