Meet Mike and Matt.

The pivot from janitorial company to tech company has proven to be a wise decision for Mike Brown and Matt Cooper. The concept for their sleek app, Swept, evolved from the troubles the pair faced when they owned a cleaning company together. After running into the same communication wall enough times, they decided it was time to just tear it down.

This metaphorical wall came in the form of a communication barrier between hiring managers and their cleaners. There was just no system in place to share instructions or ask questions. For instance, say the manager wants to specify which garbage bags to use, or what the code to get into the janitorial closet is, prior to Swept, there was no efficient way to relay this information.  

They also had a hard time identifying issues right away before they become major problems that strain client relationships.

Interestingly enough, the original software was purposed just to make life easier for Mike and Matt’s own janitorial business. After having used and enjoyed it themselves, they realized its potential to revolutionize an entire industry.

Here are the apps main features:

  • Inspection processes made easier
  • Track time and schedules
  • Allow cleaners to report problems
  • Leave specific instructions for cleaners
  • Instantaneous messaging between cleaners and managers
  • Supply tracking
  • Multi-lingual support

“It’s time to go into growth mode.”

Volta is very proud to have Swept as successful members of our Residency Program.

Their rapidly expanding team works in space within the Volta office in the heart of Halifax. We have watched them grow substantially and make strides to become established in the tech community. Gaining international clientele and a big name co-branding partnership with Sprint in 12 months have been huge steps forward for the young company.  

When Mike was asked what the future for Swept holds, he responded with “It’s time to go into growth mode”. As of now, they are preparing for another round of financing they hope will really take them to the next level.

“Get out there and break stuff.”

Talking with Mike and Matt, you can sense they truly exhibit what it means to be entrepreneurs. They aren’t scared to make mistakes.

Matt described the company as being “…Lean startup in its purest form…” The company started with just the two of them, but they’ve since grown into an entity that is jockeying for position as leader in their industry.

It took plenty of trial and error to get where they are today, but they’re optimistic with the direction of their future. Matt elaborates on the approach he takes to entrepreneurship, where the strategy is to “…execute as quickly as possible. Fail as quickly as possible…” For those interested in pursuing a similar path, he simply encourages entrepreneurs to “get out there and break stuff.”

A supportive community makes a world of difference

These business partners place a lot of their success on the people around them. Whether it’s through the developers they have hired, investors, or mentorship coming from fellow founders at Volta, the external influence pushes them forward.

Volta’s goal, as a tech super hub is to create an environment that promotes growth and opportunity. It is encouraging to watch companies like Swept embrace the Volta community and develop right in front of us. When asked how Volta has impacted Swept, Matt explains that “Volta has been instrumental in our growth.” It’s the sense of a supportive community that our resident founders find the most value in.

Is Residency right for you?

If you’re a tech startup that is looking for a like-minded community, $50 000 in resources and a world of opportunity…our residency program might be right for you.

Find out all about the perks to becoming a Resident here at Volta.

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