Dear marketers, content is no longer king. Distribution is.

For years, leading marketers have been preaching that “content is king”. Ross Simmonds has a slightly different approach to content marketing. He’s got the numbers to back his claims, so maybe he really is onto something…


Marketing is a field that is ever-changing. If you aren’t going to make the effort to keep up with the trends, then you’re going to be left in the dust like an irrelevant meme. So, damn Daniel…keep up.

During Ross’ Lunch & Learn at Volta, he dissects popular social marketing channels, and exposes the current opportunities for marketers to get the largest and most targeted reach. From turning your LinkedIn connections into sales leads, to effective use of vertical video, to deciding which channel works best for your business…he covers it all.

Who is Ross Simmonds?

Ross Simmonds (aka @thecoolestcool) is a digital strategist, marketer and author hailing from Halifax. By the ripe age of 30, he has successfully made a name for himself in the startup/marketing community.

After establishing himself as a top notch freelancer, Ross decided to move onto bigger and better things. He has founded Hustle & Grind (e-commerce store for entrepreneurs), as well as Crate (content curation software). He also creates content for companies around the world, and has written a couple of books: Stand out: The Content Guide for Entrepreneurs and The Hustle Manifesto.

He also spends a lot of his time these days delivering keynote talks like the one he did at Volta. His charismatic energy and obsession with growth makes him a very captivating speaker, being a featured speaker in widely respected conferences such as Moz Con 2016 only helps solidify his name as a marketing expert.

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