Proprietary Algorithms Prevent Failures and Reduces Downtime

The fast growing start-up topLog today unveiled its new solution that uses pattern detection algorithms to help companies predict system and applications failures, and more quickly resolve issues when they do occur. topLog’s dashboard enables IT operation teams to see problems, spikes and surges happen in real time.

“Most system or application failures take hours to resolve, with 80 per cent of that time spent on discovering the source of the problem. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, a time consuming and largely manual process,” said Ozge Yeloglu, computer scientist and topLog’s co-founder. “We’ve developed a powerful tool that does the heavy lifting for IT operation teams, monitoring logs in real time to find problems before they lead to service interruptions.”

For many businesses a system failure can cost both customers and thousands of dollars every minute. topLog’s solution works in three main ways:

Pattern Discovery: extracting patterns and delivering real-time summaries of logs to make it faster and easier to find failures
Pattern Correlation: learn which patterns occur together in a specific timeframe
Anomaly Detection: discovering the behaviors and alerting IT operation teams of potential problems

“topLog not only lets IT operation teams identify problems, it lets them drill down into the line-by-line log detail so they can quickly find the root cause,” said Ms. Yeloglu. “That can shave hours off the time needed to get systems or applications running again. Given the cost and consequences of a service interruption, topLog’s ROI can often be measured in minutes.”

Special pricing for the topLog solution is available now, with new product features set to be released early in 2015.

For more information, contact:

Ozge Yeloglu
T 1.844.867.5641

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