Smooth Meal Prep – a local, family-owned online meal prep service – has been creating and delivering nutritious meals to communities in Halifax since 2018.  

“We prepare and deliver healthy meals to your door, twelve meals a week, really taking over that health and fitness aspect for food that you wouldn’t have time to handle yourself,” Nevell Provo, Founder and CEO of Smooth Meal Prep, said. 

The team has been able to accomplish this through working with Volta virtually. They complete their work at home while still tapping into Volta’s programming, workshops and resources as a virtual Volta Cohort participant.  

One of the resources Provo is most grateful for is the Volta Cohort Board, which is comprised of industry experts that provide their best practices, expertise, and advice to help companies to grow, and measure success. 

“Whether it’s product, or e-commerce…whatever the realm was…I never left one of those board meetings without having a question answered. So that was great,” Provo said.

Another asset for Smooth Meal Prep that has been beneficial to their continual progress are their regular meetings with Volta’s Chief Innovation Officer, Matt Cooper. 

“Matt’s been very instrumental in us rolling out some changes and products, and has really just been a mentor for me…I can share problems and headaches, and he always helps with the solution and even went as far as now helping us build our order process and really streamlining some of those things. So, super grateful for Matt,” he said.

A key tip for Provo in terms of getting involved with the Volta community, is to immerse yourself into the environment as much as you possibly can. 

“The more you give yourself to the space, the more you’ll get from it. And your business will serve better when you really jump in as much as possible.”  

Smooth Meal Prep’s goal is to continue growing their team and to expand across Nova Scotia. As a local company, they are passionate about providing opportunities to the Black Nova Scotian community – a cause that Provo holds near and dear to his heart. 

“We want to be able to provide jobs to our business for the community to have something that they feel prideful of…and help people access entrepreneurship in the black community,” he said. 

They hope that they can continue to inspire other entrepreneurs to create and repurpose a similar model for their communities.

“We want to figure out how to franchise this thing, and be able to package our business and present it to other underprivileged communities, other entrepreneurs, that really want to create something, but might not have the access or the know-how. We see this business as something that can be recreated and redistributed, and it will help entrepreneurs in that field. So we are looking forward to that for sure.”You can learn more about Smooth Meal Prep at

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