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Volta AI

Helping artificial intelligence supply chain companies scale

This program, in partnership with Scale AI, provides eligible AI supply chain focused companies access to funding and programming to scale.

Along with funding and programming, participants gain access to experts and investors in the AI space.

Companies receive up to $14,000 to spend over the course of a nine month period on offerings and services to grow their venture. All companies are required to have regular communication with members of the Volta team who facilitate the program, as well as Scale AI. 

Volta AI’s overall goal is to accelerate the early growth of new ventures by providing new, and augmenting existing resources to support Founders in helping them scale. The program aims to attract more AI supply chain focused ventures to the regional ecosystem and provide them with the connections and support required to create and add value for their ventures.

Volta AI Cohort One companies:


Applications for Volta AI Cohort Two are now live.

Please complete the Pre-Screening Form 

Pre-Screening Form



Program Eligibility

Successful companies must be:

  • Incorporated, based and operating in Canada
  • Focused on applied AI and intelligent supply chain products and/or services
  • A Venture that demonstrates evidence of customer interest and traction
  • A Venture accepted by the Scale AI validation Committee
  • Your company must also meet at least ONE of the following three requirements:
    • Less than two years old
    • OR employing fewer than 500 globally (including its affiliates)
    • OR has had an average annualized revenue growth rate of greater than 20 per cent over the past three years

Submitting your Volta AI application

Step One

Learn more about the program!

Email our Senior Coordinator, Programming + Startup Services,  Dan, anytime with questions and we will get back to you within two business days.


Step Two

Submit pre-screening form.

State your interest with our pre-screening form. Companies who meet criteria will be invited to apply and complete the full application.

Pre-Screening Form

Step Three

Submit your application.

After completing the pre-screening form, companies who meet eligibility criteria will be required to complete the full application.



Step Four

Attend orientation session and use allotment. 

Selected companies will attend an orientation session.

All companies will work with Volta to use their allotment by March 1, 2023.


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