HALIFAX, NS (May 5, 2021) – Volta, Canada’s East Coast Innovation Hub, has launched the Volta AI program, and announced the first cohort of participating companies. In partnership with Scale AI, the program provides AI supply chain companies access to funding, programming, workshops and consulting resources.

Volta AI will attract more AI supply chain focused companies to the Atlantic Canadian ecosystem and provide them with the connections and support required to create and add value for their ventures.

“Volta is very happy to partner with Scale AI and to launch this program. It will provide valuable support for Canadian AI companies to scale successfully, and in turn support economic growth in this area,” said Martha Casey, Volta’s Chief Executive Officer. “Volta is proud to play a key role in supporting the growth and development of high-tech startups through our valued partnerships with experts and investors in the AI space.”

Five companies will participate in the year-long cohort, receiving up to $14,000 in offerings to help them scale. Volta AI companies will have regular contact with Volta staff, who will facilitate the program and support accountability. The five companies selected as part of the inaugural cohort are:

  • Blue Node, Inc.: an application solution allowing greater data transparency in the face of supply chain volatility and aggressive business growth targets.
  • eOceans: eOceans helps marine scientists, communities, and decision-makers make real-time discoveries that keep pace with business, society, and ocean change.
  • Marine Thinking: Marine Thinking is focused on redefining the marine industry through highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies.
  • Milk Moovement: Milk Moovement is a powerful tool that connects all players in the dairy supply chain.
  • Scarcity Analytics: Scarcity analytics leverages environmental models to help agriculture dependent businesses preempt environment driven price spikes, improving the climate resilience of their supply chains.

“It’s highly encouraging to see the energy and vitality of the AI ecosystem in action,” adds Julien Billot, Scale AI’s CEO. “The entire network of incubators and accelerators is committed to creating and developing links between AI startups and the business community. By activating this chain of innovation, at all stages of the company development, we fully realize our mission of economic leverage, the benefits of which will  be measured over the years and decades to come.” 

To qualify for Volta AI companies met specific eligibility requirements including: being based and operating in Canada; a focus on applied AI and intelligent supply chain products and/or services; and demonstrated evidence of customer interest and traction – among other requirements.

To learn more about the program, and Volta AI companies, visit https://voltaeffect.com/volta-ai/.


About Volta

Volta, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the largest innovation hub east of Montreal. Focused on creating a space where members of the regional innovation ecosystem can work, connect and grow, Volta provides access to Co-Working space, programming, mentorship, resources and events. Volta has been home to more than 100 startup companies through the Volta Residency Program, creating more than 300 jobs and raised a combined total of over $100-million in equity financing. Learn more at www.voltaeffect.com.

For more information contact:

Meghan Cadue, Senior Manager, Marketing + Programmingmeghan.cadue@voltaeffect.com, 902.702.0194 ext.115

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