Every founder knows how hard it is to get advice from someone who can speak from experience.

We are happy to announce that, aided by ACOA, Volta has partnered up with Clarity.fm to provide Volta tenants with Class A mentorship and advice.

Clarity helps founders make faster & better decisions to grow their business.  Clarity is a lifeline that instantly connects founders with battle-tested advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

Through Clarity, Volta tenants will be able to pick the brains of some of the smartest people in the world through a quick phone call.

Volta tenants can access this offer by emailing Milan at milan@voltaeffect.com if the project is successful, we will extend the offer to Volta Network Members.

You can find out more about clarity at http://www.clarity.fm

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  • Dan Martell says:

    Man is this exciting!

    Obviously I’m biased (as the CEO/Founder of Clarity) but I also need to chyme in and say a few words.

    1. Milan (Exec Dir. of Volta) is the man. He saw how this could be integrated and reached out with a plan. Every great idea requires an instigator and Milan is that guy.
    2. ACOA. We worked with Martin Braganza to help put this together and without his support, things might have been different.

    The truth is that I initially built Clarity for the Atlantic provinces .. when we launched privately in January 2012, it was geo-fenced to only these provinces BUT many people were reluctant to use it. You could blame it on culture, or whatever, but I never accepted that – I realized we (Clarity) needed to open up, and prove ourselves so that locally, people felt more comfortable using it.

    Since launching in May of 2012 to the world, we’ve
    – curated over 20,000+ experts
    – completed 30,000+ calls
    – connected entrepreneurs across 52 countries

    This partnership is the only the beginning for how we see organizations tapping into the vast knowledge base that we’ve unlocked at Clarity.

    If you’re an organization / incubator or team that wants to use Clarity to get advice from some of the world top minds, feel free to email me personally: dan at clarity dot fm.

    I think William Gibsons quote sums things up nicely
    “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”

    Thanks Volta for helping distributed it to this part of the world!


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