Halifax, NS (January 17, 2022) – Volta has hired Brad DiPaolo – Founder and CEO of startup Candidate Hub – as Manager of Talent Acquisition. In this role, DiPaolo will help Volta startups to attract top quality talent, build more efficient recruitment processes and implement the tools they need to successfully grow their teams. 

This role was implemented based on startup Founders’ feedback on facing challenges when looking to hire to grow their companies and retain talent. 

“Founders told us one of their biggest roadblocks to growth was finding and attracting talent to their team,” said Matt Cooper, Volta’s Chief Innovation Officer. “After learning more about Brad’s background in recruitment, HR, and his entrepreneurial knowledge, we felt that he was the perfect fit to help Founders solve that problem.” 

DiPaolo has more than 20 years of experience in recruitment, sales and marketing, and is currently the Founder and CEO of Candidate Hub, a recruitment platform that turns your hiring process into a candidate pipeline that helps companies to save money, time and hire premium talent. 

“We’re excited to have Brad join our team to support startups in our region, and to help these companies in their pursuit of talent to help their startup grow,” said Martha Casey, Volta’s CEO. 

Tech companies that are looking to grow their teams and access mentors and advisors such as Brad DiPaolo, can apply for our Residency program at voltaeffect.com/apply/residency.

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