A crowd of 120 people gathered at Volta last night to celebrate a public launch, get a peek inside Volta facilities and hear pitches from inaugural Volta tenants.

Volta, a 10,000 Square feet facility, located in the heart of Halifax, came together as a community project to build a Startup house, where quality trumps quantity and speed. Volta boasts private offices, meeting rooms, tenant lounge and mentorship events as well as an angel syndicate and a $50 Million in-house Venture Capital Fund –Build Ventures. Everything a startup needs to launch, grow and scale.

“It’s all about the founders.” Said Jevon MacDonald , Volta cofounder and GoInstant CEO – “We want to create world-class founders, who in turn will create world-class companies, right here in Halifax”.

13 Companies have presence at volta, either as tenants or common space members, with another 14 on the waiting list, signalling that Entrepreneurship is alive and  in Nova Scotia.

“Part of our role, as a community of founders, is to help transition Nova Scotia’s economy from traditional industries such as manufacturing and forestry to a knowledge based industry . With 11 universities and 13 College campuses, we educate the rest of Canada. It’s about time we do something to show these young people that Entrepreneurship in Halifax is a viable option and that they should stay here.” added Milan Vrekic Volta’s Executive Director.

120 tickets sold out in less than 48 hours, leaving 131 person on the waiting list, making this the hottest party of the weekend.

Volta has strong community backing from Deloitte, McinnesCooper, Eastlink, e3 Office Furniture, OMERS Ventures, ACOA and others with vested interest to see more high-quality technology companies come out of the region.

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