Volta welcomed two bright new startups to their Residency program – Bereda Training and Dugo. As Residents, they have moved their businesses into space at Volta Labs and gained access to more than $50,000 in benefits, such as a travel program, mentorship, in-house experts, and exclusive founder-focused events.

Bereda Training gives endurance athletes a framework to easily build and update customized training plans in line with modern training theory. With increased data collection from wearable technology in the sports world, it has become difficult and confusing for athletes to plan their training to incorporate analytics. Bereda simplifies this process and enables athletes to act on their information when planning.

Bereda was founded by Dennis Cottreau of Yarmouth, a graduate of McGill University’s Mechanical Engineering program, competitive cyclist and cycling coach, and Blake Pucsek of Victoria, a graduate of Harvard University in Computer Science, a rower-turned-cyclist, and former captain of the Harvard Men’s Heavyweight Crew team. Blake also rowed for Team Canada at multiple World Championships, winning a silver medal in 2008.

“Before coming to Volta, we were strictly doing product development.  Coming here we had shifted our focus to building a business,” Cottreau, Bereda’s CEO explained. “The amount of feedback, help, and guidance I got in just my first five days at Volta was incredible, so I stuck around and started looking at Residency. So far, every person I talk to, I gain so much from every conversation.”

Dugo enables wireless companies to save on OpEx and CapEx while keeping them informed of their cell towers energy related performance. This idea came from CEO Kianoosh Yazdani’s time as an engineer in the wireless communications industry, during which he struggled with these challenges. He partnered up with software developer, Robbie Speed to create Dugo.

“Volta is one of the best places a startup could ask for in Halifax,” said Yazdani. “It enables us to build our business better and faster. We feel like a family here with other startups and Volta’s staff. And that provides opportunity for creativity to shine and build innovative products.”

“Bereda and Dugo represent the essence of what Volta stands for – dedicated founders who are passionate about finding creative and innovative ways to solve real world problems,” said Jesse Rodgers, CEO of Volta Labs. “We’re excited to have them join our founder community.”

To become a resident, companies can apply online here. Selected startups will present their pitch to the Volta Bureau, a panel of experienced founders and industry experts. Applications for the next round are due by April 7.

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