The Growing Innovation District in Halifax

Volta welcomed four companies into the Residency Program, in high growth areas like blockchain, IoT hardware, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

These new residents have moved their businesses into offices at Volta Labs and gained access to more than $50,000 in benefits, such as a travel program, mentorship, in-house experts, discounts and credits, and exclusive founder-focused events.

“These companies represent some of the highest potential early stage companies in the region. Having a diverse community of founders, including those who do leading edge work in areas such as blockchain and hardware, plus those with high potential SaaS solutions, is a base to build Halifax’s Innovation District,” said Jesse Rodgers, CEO of Volta Labs.

Peer Ledger

Peer Ledger is a blockchain company specializing in blockchain products for initially the healthcare and precious metal​ and minerals sectors. It offers two products: (1) an identity bridge product suitable for high assurance sectors, and (2) the Mimosi​ track-and-trace blockchain application for responsible (i.e. conflict-free) supply chains.

“Joining Volta as part of the vibrant Nova Scotia startup community is the next growth step in our company’s external-facing evolution. We have no doubt that Volta’s community and services will help us on our journey to success,” said Dawn Jutla, Peer Ledger’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Deprolabs Technology

Deprolabs Technology designs, develops, and produces a wide range of smart electronic devices in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation systems.

“Volta is a reliable starting point to form your tech business in Atlantic Canada,” Majid Nasirinejad, Deprolabs’ Co-Founder and CEO reflected.

Cognitive Prosthetics

CogPro is focused on making small household electrical appliances – thermostats, telephones, stereos, and more – primarily for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. These smart devices work in any old home with electricity and telephone connection – no WiFi needed. Their JeevesTM products operate unobtrusively to avoid common user mistakes, customized and monitored by the caregiver. Designed for familiarity and simplicity, their products ensure a secure, satisfying and less stressful quality of life for both user and caregiver.

“CogPro is excited to be joining the Volta family. The resources and proximity to other tech companies and start-ups that Volta offers will be a boost for us,” said Peter Zimmer, CogPro’s Founder and President. “Our team is proud of this recognition, and looking forward to becoming an active part of this community.”

Swell Advantage

Swell Advantage is returning to Volta as a resident, after a recent business pivot. They build automation tools for marinas, boat clubs and waterfronts, focused on increasing revenue, decreasing operational costs, and providing a better customer experience.

“Swell has been affiliated with Volta since we founded the company,” Iaian Archibald, Co-Founder and CEO explained. “We gave up our office a year and a half ago when we realized we needed to reinvent the company. Now that we’re back on track it feels great to be a resident company again. The Volta community is a big reason we’re still around. Without the amazing founder community for peer support and the other resources that Volta provides, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.”

Ready to Become a Resident?

If you think our Residency Program could help take you to the next level, get in touch. Apply today. We want to help you reach whatever heights you’re striving for.

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