As we make our way through 2022, we have a number of new Volta Resident companies that we are excited to have on board! Learn more about each Volta Resident company, what they’re working on, and why they decided to join Volta.

EnPoint (CEO, Chantal Brine) Halifax, NS

EnPoint helps clients harness the power of mentorship to support their audience and participants in creating meaningful careers. Their mission is to support one million individuals in making the right connections, at the right stages in their careers. With the EnPoint Mentorship software, program design services, and mentor/mentee training, they help clients create impactful mentorship programs at scale. Working with clients like Dalhousie University, Dillon Consulting, NSCC, the Black Business Initiative, Women in Communications and Technology, and University of Prince Edward Island, they’ve helped 20,000+ people across 35+ programs to build the confidence, skills, and connections to be successful for many years to come.

Some milestones and exciting projects EnPoint has on the go include their new website, which showcases EnPoint as a one stop shop for high impact mentorship programs made easy. They also hired their first in-house software developer, Katie, and are continuing to get featured in local press, including: Canadian SMESmall Business MagazineAtlantic Business Magazine, and Women of Influence.

Some upcoming projects for EnPoint includes their recruiting efforts for their first in-house sales rep, and they will be looking for an Account Executive to join their team. 

“EnPoint is founded on the unshakable belief that relationships matter and that the right relationships at the right time in career and business can be life-changing. As a young company with a big vision of supporting one million people in building meaningful careers through mentorship, leveraging the network, expertise, learning, and community, joining Volta is a no brainer.” – Chantal Brine  

UP360 (CEO, Harrison Olajas) Charlottetown, PEI

UP360 is building the future of education and training, by building the tools and technology needed to make using virtual reality based training systems easy. Their immersive learning platform simplifies the process of finding and purchasing content, and managing immersive assignments and devices within an institution. 

UP360 is a small but mighty player in the education technology space. They are working to modernize the way we educate and train the workforce of tomorrow by creating hands-on, virtual reality based learning experiences designed to make learning fun and memorable. They are creating a platform to make accessing and managing these experiences easy for organizations, and a set of developer tools to empower creators to build and sell into the educational space. 

“As a new company trying to build a presence and a team in Atlantic Canada to develop our Immersive Learning Platform, Volta felt like the right fit to help us integrate with the east coast startup community and get the support and resources we need to grow our team.” – Harrison Olajas  

Drinkable (CEO, Matt Mizzi) Dartmouth, NS

Drinkable is currently developing a simple and affordable water quality test device that allows consumers to catch, understand, and mitigate contamination concerns. The initial target market is well users in Atlantic Canada, with the long-term prospect of expanding beyond this application and geographic niche to an international scale.

They’ve partnered with world leading nano-sensor scientists to build the first effortless, accurate, and affordable water quality test device. Their all-in-one solution provides well users peace of mind with immediate insight into the quality of their water, how that water might impact the health of their loved ones, and what steps can be taken to keep them safe.

“We joined the Volta Residency Program because we realized the value of becoming more connected in the ecosystem and furthering our overall business development goals. It’s no secret that Volta has established itself as a valuable resource for startups that are looking to commercialize, and we’re particularly interested in tapping into that.” – Matt Mizzi

Dependbuild (CEO, Conor O’Brien) Halifax, NS

Dependbuild helps municipalities and infrastructure developers identify, assess, and track their risks with their cloud-based risk management software solution.

In the next thirty years, almost all public infrastructure will have to be replaced, refurbished and built. Most of these activities require significant investments in time, people, and knowledge in order to achieve success – at the same time, all of these investments require a portfolio of projects. Yet, a study by PwC in 2017 found that 84% of public sector projects experienced some sort of failure.

Dependbuild works to minimize these deficiencies and use proprietary risk management techniques to build better infrastructure projects by providing users real-time project reporting. Dependbuild’s machine learning engine, which is powered by a large dataset of infrastructure projects, provides unparalleled accuracy in understanding and detecting patterns in infrastructure projects. Dependbuild provides stakeholders with three major benefits:

  • Improved transparency
  • Increased financial performance
  • Improved collaboration

“Dependbuild joined Volta because of the programs, support, and mentorship. Dependbuild wants not only to grow, but to focus on providing an amazing, first class experience to our customers. Joining Volta’s unique community of innovators, Dependbuild is excited to connect with other Founders and supporters to help achieve our growth and first-class experience targets. Dependbuild sees itself as an Atlantic Canadian firm – with its Co-Founders spread across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Volta is at the centre of the technology and innovation ecosystem here in Atlantic Canada, and we are ecstatic at joining the residency program,” – Conor O’Brien

  BeginAI, (CEO, Rima Al Shikh) Halifax, NS offers a lightweight, fast and scalable SDK to implement advanced machine learning based personalization experiences with little to no setup. Machine learning is tough to adapt for most companies due to data security and privacy issues, as well as complex and expensive cloud setups. They have decentralized the machine learning process and made it possible for businesses to personalize their consumers’ experience without compromising data privacy and without server setups.

Large enterprises depend on machine learning to drive customer retention and reduce churn. For example, Amazon relies on recommender systems for 35% of its revenue. Yet these systems are incredibly complex and expensive to set up and maintain, leaving 99% of applications behind on their machine learning adaptation. Begin AI makes it easy and fast to adapt machine learning systems for developers and product owners, with just a few clicks and an SDK installation for use cases like Recommendation, Fake Detection, Automatic Categorization, Price optimization, and more. Begin’s setup is private, secure, and scalable to hundreds of millions of customers.

“The community at Volta is great, as we connect with other Founders and other folks in the community, we get to test our product and provide feedback for other folks and that’s invaluable,” – Begin AI

Amp Health (Co-Founder, Mandy Woodland) St.John’s, NL

AMP Health generates health data models that provide insights to help users make informed decisions toward healthy behaviours. These models are downloaded to a user device and are augmented with their health data to provide truly personalized health insights.

They are on a mission to prevent 10 million people from developing chronic disease in the next 10 years. Their first product, Struggle app, uses unique behaviour change techniques and machine learning to help prevent diabetes in prediabetics.

“What we have in Atlantic Canada is pretty special – the support of our regional tech ecosystem is unique. Amp Health just graduated from the Founder Institute, Silicon Valley, and my fellow alumni regularly comment on the great opportunities we have here – and I know we’re just getting started on what we can achieve to drive social and economic growth in the region.” – Mandy Woodland

HOLLO Medical (Co-Founders, David Hodgson, Sara Fedullo) Halifax, NS

The first line of treatment for children with asthma is a pressurized inhaler and a valved holding chamber. This means that every child with asthma almost exclusively carry around a large plastic chamber with their inhaler.

HOLLO Medical is developing a novel valved holding chamber that is more intuitive than the standard of care, aesthetically customizable and ten times more portable, which makes it easily fit into a child’s pocket when they need it. The intent is to generate improved asthma compliance by reducing stigma, and taking the burden of thought out of using the device with a sophisticated, low cost mechanical design.

MOC Biotechnologies (CEO, Sayedali Mousavi) Halifax, NS

MOC Biotechnologies  has developed technology for 3D printing medical implants and other items compatible with human biology, including both hard, structural implants and scaffoldings for tissues and organs.

They offer cutting-edge biomechatronics systems for biotechnology, life sciences and biology research, and are proud to deliver world-class solutions for research centres, universities, laboratories and institutes.

Myomar Molecular (CEO, Rafaela Andrade) Halifax, NS

Myomar Molecular is developing an early-detection kit for muscle atrophy and recovery progress.

They aim to develop a reliable and simple test that can be easily accessed and administrated in either hospital or home settings. This will provide non-invasive, definitive, and real-time detection of patient recovery and risk stages.

Parados (CEO, Pascal McCarthy) Fredericton, NB

Parados helps teams optimize performance by helping athletes reach and maintain their cognitive potential. Their data analytics platform monitors physical and mental characteristics to suggest strategies that efficiently increase the quality and length of users’ careers using health monitoring software with wearable devices that enable real-time corrective feedback.

Through their app, they assess posture, neck strength, history of previous injuries and overall mental health in athletes and the military. They also monitor users through predictive algorithms using motion-sensor wearables. Their wearables are able to analyze head and neck biomechanics more accurately than other solutions – such as helmets, headbands or skin patches – because they’re directly attached to the skull and spine.

Parados’ main benefits include: improving performance, cutting in half the missed games, time, personnel, medical and insurance costs needed to deal with injuries, helping to recruit and better retain top talent, and finally, they help customers protect themselves against the increasingly common lawsuits surrounding head injuries.

NotificationAPI (Co-Founder + CEO, Sahand Seifi) St. John’s, NL

NotificationAPI is based in St.John’s, Newfoundland. They help SaaS companies add complex notifications into their product/apps in five minutes or less.

Sandbox, (CEO, Robert Chambers) Halifax, NS

The Sandbox platform is a collection of tools that allow their team to build clients their own small business ERP environment. Canvas, Templates, Event Workflows, Sequences and Reports are configured to match the precise daily operations of each unique team.

They help small businesses get out of spreadsheets, disconnected software and integrations, and move them into a cloud-based single database environment, removing administrative burdens and giving them powerful real-time reporting.

Quickfacts (President + CEO, Christy Silvestri) Bedford, NS

QuickFacts is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that organizes information and presents it on a custom search-engine website. Currently, they provide the software to the insurance industry, offering brokerages a one-stop location for all their carrier information and organizational workflows. This software compares multiple carriers side-by-side, reducing broker search time by 10-20 times, facilitating operational workflows across departments, and drastically improving broker training.

Fractional Finance (Co-Founder, Maria Fernanda Gonzalez) Halifax, NS

Fractional Finance is building the Frabric Network, a decentralized platform for fractional real estate ownership. Buying and investing in real estate is incredibly challenging for seasoned investors, and it’s almost impossible for retail investors.

By leveraging blockchain technologies, they can create a unique and revolutionary investment vehicle; called a Thread. Threads indirectly own and manage real estate, governed in the real world by a legal representative but directed on the blockchain by the collective voting power of investors. By incorporating this structure, Threads aren’t beholden to the same restrictions and limitations imposed by regulatory bodies, making Fractional Finance free of any legal liability over the creation and governance of these entities.

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