Meetings. Some people dread the thought of attending them, while others love them.

Either way, you’re bound to end up scheduling hundreds of meetings over the course of your career. Whether you thrive off the exchange of ideas, or prefer to obtain the key information quickly and get back to work, meetings are often necessary to move a project or business forward.

Sure, they can be a major time-waster. But, one way to keep meetings engaging is to hold them at unique locations. So ditch the office boardroom and host your next meeting at one of these great spots in the City of Halifax.

Cabin Coffee

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If you’ve ever wanted to hold a meeting in a cabin, Cabin Coffee may just be as close as you can get in downtown Halifax. Located on the corner of Hollis and Salter, Cabin Coffee offers fresh, locally roasted coffee, homemade soups and sandwiches, and sweets in a rustic cabin setting.

Bird’s Nest Cafe

Formally Ciboulette, Bird’s Nest Cafe is a recent expansion of the popular, yet hidden cafe on Barrington street. According to their website, Bird’s Nest occupied the “the upstairs ‘nest’ as Ciboulette Cafe” for nine years. The new street-level location officially opened its doors mid-March 2018 and has been a fan favourite for professionals working in the area ever since.

The best part about their new location is not really new at all – they kept their original space and converted it to a “cozy nook” perfect for one-on-one meetings or reserving for larger private meetings.

Two If By Sea

Heading across the bridge to meet a client or business partner? Two If By Sea (TIBS) on Ochterloney street is a nationally recognized Dartmouth gem and your go-to meeting spot across the harbour. Known for their baked goods, including “colossal croissants and super-sized scones,” TIBS quickly became one of the City of Halifax’s top cafes for morning meetings.

PAVIA Gallery – Espresso Bar & Cafe

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PAVIA opened their first location in September 2011 a few minutes outside downtown Halifax in Herring Cove. The establishment has sourced fresh, local ingredients and made everything from scratch since inception.

In the early months of operation, PAVIA notes on their website that foot traffic to the location was slow, but a commitment to their vision of creating a “world-class contemporary art gallery and cafe” lead to impressive growth. Since opening, PAVIA has expanded operations to include three additional locations – two at the Halifax Central Library (first and fifth floors), and another at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. But, their success hasn’t stopped there. In 2018, PAVIA was named Halifax’s Business of the Year at the Halifax Business Awards.

Walking Meetings

Sometimes the best kind of meetings lead you to more than one destination. If you’re tired of the typical sit-down meeting, try a walking meeting instead. Halifax is a great city to walk around during the spring and summer months.

Halifax’s Waterfront Boardwalk

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Halifax’s Waterfront Boardwalk is the perfect location for your next walking meeting. As one of the world’s longest downtown boardwalks, the Halifax Boardwalk offers picturesque views of the harbour for you to enjoy while discussing business matters.

Halifax Public Gardens

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If you love the serene atmosphere of being surrounded by nature, Halifax’s Public Gardens is an ideal spot for a walking meeting. The Public Gardens is touted as a 16-acre green oasis in the heart of downtown Halifax, and has been a Halifax staple for over a century. Intertwined with beautiful greenery, you will find carefully groomed walking paths and evidence of its Victorian character that has been maintained by a number of “talented superintendents, chief horticulturists, and gardeners” over the years.

If you’re struggling to keep meetings intriguing, select one of these great cafes or take your next meeting on the road and head to one of Halifax’s scenic walking destinations. No matter which of these locations you choose, changing up your meeting locations is a fun way to keep meetings from being your least favourite part of the workday.

Have a suggestion for a cool place to hold meetings in Halifax? Let us know in the comments below!


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